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#Nextchat RECAP: HR Silo Busting

On October 2, @weknownext chatted with special guests Chris Ponder (@ChrisPonder) and Holland Dombeck (@Holland_Dombeck) about HR Silo Busting.

If you missed it, here are all the great tweets from the chat: 



Winning with Culture: Great Leaders Inspire Confidence & Recognize Achievements

How can great leadership and a strong company culture elevate engagement and drive business performance? Our new white paper, “Winning with Culture: How Leadership Drives Engagement & Performance,” answers that question.

New research by Modern Survey found that organizations with engaged employees share 4 common traits. Let’s take a deeper dive into two of these traits and how great leadership makes them happen.

Employees have confidence in senior management.

Great leaders excel at communicating consistently – but also at listening to their employees. So much good thinking exists inside most...


Building Culture

Culture has become a buzz word in the #HR world. We went from Employee Benefits to Employee Rewards to Employee Recognition to Employee Engagement which has created an emphasis on Organizational Culture. Google has created a city to engage their employees; Zappos has re-invented old town Las Vegas for the same purpose. With our personal brands now more prominent than our company logos, the emphasis on culture is no longer the exception but the rule.

Through endless speaking engagements, daily consultation with Global HR Leaders, and weekly twitter chats, I have discovered that the essence of Employee...


#NextChat: HR Silo Busting

Organizational silos are fueled by a cocktail of culture, attitude and burdensome process design, and can plague businesses ranging from Fortune 500 leaders to 10-man start-ups. They also create an environment in which sharing and collaborating for anything other than the interest of the silo is nearly impossible.

In a company where HR has little contact with outside departments, it’s easy for the function as a whole to become complacent with the status quo and for innovation to become stifled. However, in today’s rapidly evolving business environment, maximizing talent and working across the organization is vital to increasing the bottom line....


What Not to Do When Business Sours

Most of you have heard the saying, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” or something to that effect. Basically, the idiom advises us not to discard something valuable in our eagerness to get rid of some useless thing associated with it. If you are not careful, this can happen to businesses going through a rough patch.
In terms of rectification, you have to look at the issue in the context of whether the problem is a short-term blip or the beginning of a long-term shift to your business or industry. Using the coffee


Could You Be A Micromanager?

While conducting leadership training not too long ago, an individual went on for several minutes about how he would never be a micromanager. In separate training with his staff, I found out that he, in fact was, a micromanager.
I often find this to be the case. Micromanager is such a negative word that no one wants to be defined that way. Yet it is the number one complaint from employees about their supervisors.

What is a Micromanager?
I like this definition that says “a boss or manager who gives excessive supervision to an employee“. Excessive being...


Creating Strategy and Being Strategic Aren’t the Same Thing

There’s a regular conversation in the human resources community about the profession being a strategic business partner. In thinking about becoming more strategic, it occurred to me there’s a difference between creating a strategy and being strategic.  Just because we can create a strategy doesn’t mean we can think strategically.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a strategy is a detailed plan for achieving results. There are many different kinds of strategies – compensation strategies, recruitment strategies, marketing strategies, social media strategies, even strategic plans. 

Thinking strategically means a person is capable of a thought process that allows them to...


#Nextchat: Growing Your Own Talent

To hire or not to hire – internally – that is the question.

In the constant struggle to cut costs and improve the time-to-hire metrics, many organizations are looking for candidates in a place that may have been overlooked in the past — their existing employee base. Yes, fishing for talent from the company pond is making a comeback.

While hiring from within may seem like a good idea and have many advantages, it’s not always possible as current employees may lack the experience and skill sets necessary to take on a new role, and many organizations do not have...