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Expanding Your Horizons Beyond HR

Though not always apparent to the rest of the company, the job of the HR professional is a multi-faceted one.  As the HR department continues to play a larger role in key organizational decisions, we are often expected to extend our expertise beyond the traditional scope of our function. For that to happen, however, we must enhance our personal development and improve our business skills. When our knowledge and expertise are better aligned with overall business imperatives, we can lead more effectively, improve company performance and enhance our own standing in the organization.
Without seeking ways to continuously...

When a Hostile Work Environment Isn't a Hostile Work Environment

Every so often, I get a call from an employee. The call goes something like this:
"I need an employment lawyer. Are you an employment lawyer?"
"Good. Because I am dealing with a hostile work environment."
"Well, I generally only represent employers. So---"
"--- But, my hostile work environment is bad. My manager is so mean. He yells at me. He gives me lots of work. He's terrible. Do I have a case?"
"How did you get my number?"
"I found it on the internet."
*** curses internet ***
Folks, I'm right there with you. Mean...

#Nextchat: HR’s Social Capital

For the past two years, SHRM has invited several HR social media aficionados to serve on a special annual conference team that educates attendees on the importance of social media, and answers questions ranging from “What’s Twitter?” to “How do I use social media to create and promote our employer brand?”  We call it “The Hive” and offer it to all attendees as an additional opportunity to learn about how HR is using social media to be more efficient and effective in their organizations.

The Hive provides a relaxed and friendly environment where HR pros can network and exchange ideas with...


Five New Ideas!

SHRM13 has wrapped up and it was honestly the best National SHRM Conference I’ve attended.  The vibe was cool and people seemed to be at ease and engaged at the same time.  Just prior to the Conference kicking off, my good friend, Mark Stelzner, put a challenge out on Facebook to see if anyone could come away from the event with 5 new ideas.
I loved the challenge and responded immediately.  Now, let’s get the “there are no new ideas” cynicism out of the way.  This may be inherently true, but you have to remember that...

SHRM13: The State of Business

This morning HR Professionals across the world catapulted themselves through the office doors full of inspiring new ideas. The SHRM annual conference has concluded, now it is up to us to carry the well-lit torch of knowledge into our organizations. We came to Chicago to learn and share. Through human consensus, however, I can tell you that HR's greatest challenge is ending the stigma!
HR has been categorized as risk adverse, administrative and budget cautious; traits that do not embody business strategy in 2013. I'm here to tell HR they are not alone, every business unit has a...

Closing Thoughts From #SHRM13 - On Becoming More

Becoming More.
That was one of the overarching themes of the 2013 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition.  A theme meant to encourage us, as HR professionals, to think about how we can bring ourselves and our profession to the next level.
But I wonder…in the midst of our day to day jobs, in the daily grind of ensuring our companies are running smoothly from a people perspective, how many of us really think about how becoming more?  How many of us actually allot time to contemplating how we as HR pros can become more, or how we...

Lessons From Blake Mycoskie

Wanna see a bunch of HR people cry? Put them in the an expo hall the size of an airplane hanger and put Mr. Blake Mycoskie on stage. We HR folk are often called upon to put our emotions such luck on Monday morning in Chicago!

Day 3 of the SHRM annual conference began with a general session like any other: video's, a few speeches by the organization's leaders and music that Steve Browne likes blaring through the cavernous general session hall.

Then Blake took the stage. He told us about how he...


2013 Baby New Year's Half Birthday

We’re just a few weeks away from the Summer Solstice. The cold, hard winds of early January are long forgotten. Yet if we reflect back just a few short months, every year, Baby New Year personifies the passing of time. He is often a young boy, pictured in a diaper, top hat, and sash to stand for a fresh start and clean slate – a new beginning. He is celebrated across the country with new parents aspiring to give birth to the first baby of the New Year. 
Wikipedia suggests that the ancient Babylonians made promises to their gods...