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Succession Planning in a Family Owned Business

I came across this article about Chicago based Home Run Inn and how this family owned business is working towards making a seamless transition when it is time for the next generation to take over. I applaud the pizza business as so many family owned businesses really do not think this far ahead.
Succession planning in any business takes time, finesse and vigilance. Ensuring that the right people are in place to step into a position when a predecessor leaves involves more than just having a body there. They have to be ready.
In a family owned...

This IS NPR Recruiting: An Employment Branding Case Study

Social Media has had a profound impact on the field of recruiting. Employment branding, talent attraction, and social sourcing have become key tools for talent leaders to deploy to help their organizations compete.
At NPR, we’ve put social media at the forefront of our talent strategy. The strategy has paid off. Here are some of the results:
  • We’ve saved over $100k/year in job postings and recruitment marketing
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are all in our top 10 sources of applicants and hires
  • Twitter has become a top source of hire, helping us find a variety of passive candidates
  • ...

The Most Overused Word in Business

Strategy has to be one of the most misused words in business. The word is tossed around boardrooms and customer meetings with reckless abandon. You’ve likely heard this: “Our strategy is to become the biggest and the best.” Deciding to become a global corporation, to diversify, or to increase sales by x dollars per annum is not strategy. Such aspirations are goals or objectives. Articulating how to become the biggest and the best is the strategy. That strategy can be good or bad. The “steel” in strategy is its capacity to set the stage for an organization to achieve ironclad...

Technology is Changing Nature of Recruiting, Job Searching

Technology’s impact on the recruiting process is having both positive and negative effects on employers of all sizes. Bob Corlett, president of Olney, Md.-based recruiting firm Staffing Advisors, says subtle changes in job-seeker behavior have left many small businesses in the dust when it comes to catching the eye of top talent.
At the same time, employers large and small are missing out on connecting with qualified candidates by not embracing mobile applications, which are increasingly being used by those on the hunt for new gigs.
In this Q&A, Corlett talks about current recruiting technology trends and how...

Expanding Your Horizons Beyond HR

Though not always apparent to the rest of the company, the job of the HR professional is a multi-faceted one.  As the HR department continues to play a larger role in key organizational decisions, we are often expected to extend our expertise beyond the traditional scope of our function. For that to happen, however, we must enhance our personal development and improve our business skills. When our knowledge and expertise are better aligned with overall business imperatives, we can lead more effectively, improve company performance and enhance our own standing in the organization.
Without seeking ways to continuously...

When a Hostile Work Environment Isn't a Hostile Work Environment

Every so often, I get a call from an employee. The call goes something like this:
"I need an employment lawyer. Are you an employment lawyer?"
"Good. Because I am dealing with a hostile work environment."
"Well, I generally only represent employers. So---"
"--- But, my hostile work environment is bad. My manager is so mean. He yells at me. He gives me lots of work. He's terrible. Do I have a case?"
"How did you get my number?"
"I found it on the internet."
*** curses internet ***
Folks, I'm right there with you. Mean...

#Nextchat: HR’s Social Capital

For the past two years, SHRM has invited several HR social media aficionados to serve on a special annual conference team that educates attendees on the importance of social media, and answers questions ranging from “What’s Twitter?” to “How do I use social media to create and promote our employer brand?”  We call it “The Hive” and offer it to all attendees as an additional opportunity to learn about how HR is using social media to be more efficient and effective in their organizations.

The Hive provides a relaxed and friendly environment where HR pros can network and exchange ideas with...


Five New Ideas!

SHRM13 has wrapped up and it was honestly the best National SHRM Conference I’ve attended.  The vibe was cool and people seemed to be at ease and engaged at the same time.  Just prior to the Conference kicking off, my good friend, Mark Stelzner, put a challenge out on Facebook to see if anyone could come away from the event with 5 new ideas.
I loved the challenge and responded immediately.  Now, let’s get the “there are no new ideas” cynicism out of the way.  This may be inherently true, but you have to remember that...