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8 Things You Need To Do Before (and During!) the SHRM 2014 Annual Conference in Orlando - #SHRM14

It’s hard to believe that in just a few days the largest conference for human resources professionals will be taking place in Orlando, my hometown. SHRM Annual is a huge event and, for the first-time attendee, it can be a lot to take in. Who are we kidding – even for those of us who’ve been to SHRM Annual before – it can be a lot!

As you’re putting together your strategy for the conference, here are a few things to build into your schedule:

  1. Download the SHRM Conference app. Before you arrive, make sure you’ve
  2. ...

SHRM National or Bust

It’s about that time!

It’s about time to think about packing.

It’s about time to touch base with friends I haven’t seen in awhile.

And it’s about time to get excited about learning something new.

SHRM 2014 National Conference starts in less than a week, and it’s about time to get prepared for it!

If this is your first national conference, you are in for an awakening…this isn’t your everyday affair. You may have lots of State Conferences under your belt. Shoot, you may even have a Regional Conference in your memory banks but National?

National is a whole other animal!

It’s Huge...


#Nexchat: Crafting a High-Performance Culture

What’s your definition of a high-performance culture?

In his blog titled “Crafting a High-Performance Culture,” SmartRecruiters CEO Jerome Ternynck outlines the ten ingredients that make a high performance culture and says, 

“One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is the opportunity to craft your company culture. It’s also one of the hardest, because – let’s face it – you can’t dictate a culture. Ultimately, your company culture is going to be what people make it. But, as a leader, you ought to steer in the right direction.”

How can you create a high-performance culture in your organization...


Summer at SHRM- 6 Internship Tips for College Students

As a college student at James Madison University preparing to search for my first internship, I was filled with apprehension after hearing classmates’ scary stories from their past internships. Many of my friends spent their unpaid summers tucked away in a corner cubicle with a copier and a coffee maker as their only company--and their stories formed my impression of what to expect from internships.



Why Should You Go to the SHRM Annual Conference in Orlando Next Week?

  1. You'll see friends you don't see often enough.  It is possible the NLRB may prohibit H.R. from having friends, so enjoy the friendships while you can.  You might be thinking, “The NLRB cannot regulate HR." Silly rabbit. Friendships among HR professionals could chill concerted activity by employees covered by the NLRA. As logical as.....
  2. You will have exposure to an incredibly diverse selection of topics and speakers. If you have a particular interest, there will be a session it.  Oh, one exception: There will be no sessions on how to get a seat at the table.  And a warning:  Anyone
  3. ...


 #SHRM14 is just a few days away and I’m packing up for a week away with my HR buddies. I’m pretty excited for the opportunity to attend annual conference again. For me it’s like a place to recharge and get excited for the profession again. You’ll hear inspiring stuff from the keynote speakers, something you can bring back to the workplace in concurrent sessions and you’ll grow your network while you are there. You’ll have everything you need to be a great HR pro under one roof from an I “heart” HR jacket to the latest and greatest HR books to vendors for every...