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#SHRM14 and the Livin’ is Easy. Stuff to Make it Easy(er)

We’ll make this nice and easy.

SHRM National is big. This ain’t your local conference.  To navigate big you need to logistically think small.  If you logistically think small, you can save all your big energy on networking, learning, and thinking.

My list is broken into 3 sections.  Learning Essentials, the Expo Hall,  and Clothing/Accessory Essentials.

#SHRM14 Learning Essentials: 

  1.  IMPORTANT! If you want to get to the “next-level”, skip the fundamentals classes, even if you don’t yet know all the fundamentals.  You can learn the fundamentals at your local SHRM chapter or a webinar or your team lead.  Go to the strategy sessions with
  2. ...

Last Minute Tips for #SHRM14

Here are 14 tips as the countdown begins for #SHRM14.  Most will be useful for SHRM Annual Conference newbies and some will be great reminders for those of us who are SHRM Conference veterans.  Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!

1.  Be prepared to walk!

Pack tennis shoes because you’ll need them.  No one will make fun of you if you’re wearing your HR lady pantsuit and a pair of tennis shoes.  Bonus: bring compression socks, you’ll thank me later.

2.  It’s HOT, stay hydrated.  Water is best!

3.  Eat for fuel.

Your body needs energy and the best...


All MAC’d Up !!

Sitting in an airport terminal gives you a chance to jot down your thoughts if you build in a bit of time.  I’m trying to contain my excitement as I get ready to board my flight to SHRM14in Orlando !!  The actual conference doesn’t kick-off until Sunday, but I’m fortunate to head down early as a SHRM volunteer and member of the Membership Advisory Council (MAC).

The MAC is made up of five volunteer leaders who work with five regions of ten states each throughout the US.  I am the 2014 Rep for the North Central Region which is...


Coffee and Conversation at #SHRM14

I’m looking forward to next week’s big SHRM show which officially kicks off on Sunday; I’ll be arriving on Saturday in order to spend some time at the SHRM Annual Student Conference before the majority of the hordes descend upon the Orange Country Convention Center.

I’ve got a bit of activity on my plate; in addition to serving as a SHRM Official Blogger for the conference I’m also going to have a few opportunities to share content with other HR professionals.

I’m speaking at the Connections Smart Stage on Monday 6/23 (12:40 PM) with a session called “Be Bold: HR as Internal Consultant.” The...


5 Reasons Why I Love Twitter

Many professionals I know don’t have much patience for Twitter talk.  I try to explain the benefits of Twitter, but looking up their nostrils for an extended period of time is not easy. 

But the truth is I once had the same lack of interest in social media in general and Twitter in particular. I remember thinking only twits tweet…. until a personal accident changed my view.

Back in January of 2011, I fell on some ice and shattered my ankle in multiple places.  I needed emergency surgery.  The next week was my 30th birthday.  Would you believe 40th?  Okay,...



After more than 1,100 responses from our members, I am enthusiastic to announce that we have a name for the new SHRM certification. There will be two levels to the new certification:

I am personally very pleased by these developments and want to thank our members for playing a key role in the process- from your participation in the development of the competency model, to your feedback over these last few weeks, and for your participation in helping us name what is to be an integral part of the HR profession...


7 Ways to Maximize Quiet Leaders

Quiet, slow-movers frustrate talkative, quick movers.

Those who think, speak, and commit quickly, often believe they’re superior to leaders who need time.

One of the worst things leaders do is over-value people who are like them.

Big mouths aren’t better than small and quick isn’t better than slow.

In praise of quiet and slow:

Those who commit slowly, stick with you when times get tough. But, those who commit quickly defect quickly. I can see a flash-in-the-pan a mile away. They get all charged up at a moments notice. But, two days later they’re burned out and gone.

Quick says,...