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2013 Baby New Year's Half Birthday

We’re just a few weeks away from the Summer Solstice. The cold, hard winds of early January are long forgotten. Yet if we reflect back just a few short months, every year, Baby New Year personifies the passing of time. He is often a young boy, pictured in a diaper, top hat, and sash to stand for a fresh start and clean slate – a new beginning. He is celebrated across the country with new parents aspiring to give birth to the first baby of the New Year. 
Wikipedia suggests that the ancient Babylonians made promises to their gods...

Five Lessons I Learned from Starting a Business

I have been getting asked the same question a lot lately. I get a version of the question after almost every speaking engagement I deliver. The question usually goes something like this:
How did you go from what you first did as a career to doing what you do now?
I know career advice is a tricky subject, especially when it comes to completely changing lanes. Every professional has to navigate their own unique situation. I’ll share a few lessons that I learned on my own career leap from ad agency executive to entrepreneur.
1. Stop telling...

Reject The Cubicle: Attract and Retain Millennials

Attracting millennials has turned into a “best places to work” battle. Improving the work environment to increase employee engagement was the first step. Companies are now seeing that an upgraded office space can attract top talent. 
And it’s getting harder to make your refurbished environment stand out. According to the Labor Department, the average 25-year-old will have worked 6.3 jobs between the ages of 18 and 25. That means millennials are seeing a lot of work environments. Ping pong tables become the norm quickly.  
When job hopping is likened to dating, it makes sense...

#Nextchat: Rewarding Failure

SHRM’s Board Chair Bette Francis delivered a thought-provoking address on HR and innovation to #SHRM13 attendees on June 18.  She encouraged HR pros to create and foster cultures of innovation within their organizations.

We hear a lot about innovation and its importance to employee engagement and staying one step ahead of the competition, but what’s the best way to encourage innovation within your organization?

The best companies are learning that innovation happens faster if you create a culture that allows for experimentation and rewards employees for trying new ideas -- even if they fail.

In a recent interview with...


3 Ways to Retain Your Engaged Workforce!

I am sure when we talk about employee engagement most of us talk from a broader perspective but fail to address how to impact the bottom line. Some organizations get it wrong when they think money and benefits can cover everything. But they fail to realize there isn’t any one formula that works for your engaged and disengaged work force.
Your engaged workforce are the ones who would be motivated, more accountable and responsible towards what needs to be done to achieve your goals. And sure, you cannot bait them with money. But you can only retain them...

If You Want More Leaders, You Have to Let Them Lead

The NBA Finals are underway, and as I write this post the San Antonio Spurs are still enjoying a 1-0 series lead, primarily due to the steady play of their veteran stalwarts, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. Parker, their point guard hit a remarkable shot near the end of the game to put the Spurs in a commanding position, and Duncan shook off a bad start to put up 20 points and 14 rebounds and contributed all-around solid play.
These two players,...

Vendors Are People Too

I will be joining the #SHRM13 Social Media Team this year at the SHRM Annual Conference in Chicago.  In years past, I worked on an exhibitor booth team.  Here’s my take on the vendor mindset and how you can maximize your exhibitor hall experience. 
By the way, you can meet me at “The Hive” (located in the South Building of McCormick Place in HALL A right next to the SHRMStore) for a social media tutorial:
Monday 2pm - 4pm
Tuesday 2pm - 4pm
Wednesday 10am - 12pm



Every profession has its own words—words that we use and, at times, over use.
When does the use become overuse?  Well, when lots of us are together!
So as we enjoy SHRM’s Annual Conference next week, we need to be careful of HR lingo.  What are some of the words and expressions to avoid?
I have narrowed it down to a “Top 10.”  Out of respect to your colleagues, please avoid:
1. Knowledge share.  Yes, that’s the goal, but how about plain English? Good stuff.
2. Gap analysis.  Rather...

Eight Mistakes You Must Avoid to Enjoy #SHRM13

Be sure to check out our SHRM Party Guide and Text ‘SHRM’ to 55678 to receive text alerts and reminders of speakers, parties and other happenings directly to your phone. Jessica proudly supports SHRM and has been a member since 2001. 
Experience is the best teacher but preparation and education are essential in the learning and living especially when it comes to working in HR. With regard to the upcoming SHRM Annual Conference, I wanted to share some mistakes I’ve made myself since attending my first SHRM and how to avoid them June 16-19th, 2013 in beautiful Chicago....