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#Nextchat: The Movement

There is a seismic shift happening within our workplaces and within the world of HR. The workforce and workplace are changing as rapidly as the technology that runs them, and the HR profession has found that the legacy way of doing things no longer applies in the new world of work.

Social communication is the new key driver of change, and Millennials are using it to forge new models of leadership and to change the way work is accomplished in organizations.

HR and talent acquisition professionals are facing a new frontier where they’re responsible...


The FINALE: The Holiday Tale by the Jewish Guy Who Wears a Chai


For the past two years, I have told you the story about the "Jewish Guy Who Wears a Chai."  I am retelling the final version of the story this year, but with some additional information.  Here we go!

You walk into your building, and you see that holiday decorations are everywhere.  You pass by a beautiful pine Christmas tree elegantly decorated.  A co-worker responds:  “The tree is inappropriate to the workplace.”

Segal:  WRONG.  It is beautiful; Christmas can and should be acknowledged (says the Jewish guy who wears his grandmother’s Chai).  By the way,  Chai means “life” in Hebrew. ...


HR Public Policy Issues Will Take Center Stage in New Congress


The elections last month made it clear that the Halls of Congress will look a little different in January 2015.  Republicans gained seats in the House of Representatives, retaining control in that chamber with a historic margin, and took control of the U.S. Senate.  Republicans also saw gubernatorial pickups, in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts and Florida.

While there were some incumbents ousted, (Republican Thom Tillis defeated Democratic incumbent Senator Kay Hagan in North Carolina), and a few very close calls, (Democratic Senator Mark Warner narrowly defeating Republican Ed Gillespie in Virginia), the outcome of the elections made it clear Americans...


Retaining and Recruiting a High Tech Workforce


The Magic of Technology meets the Shortage of Qualified Workers


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that “between 2012 and 2022, 1.3 million jobs will need to be filled - from new jobs and replacement needs - for computer occupations and information systems managers.”

With a goal of bringing computer science to every school in America, is creating a revolution one class at a time. Last year, 20 million students participated in the Hour of Code and 50 percent of them were girls. This year the goal is 100 million students.  Skype in...


Advancing HR !!


I spent the last week at the SHRM Volunteer Leader Summit in Washington, DC.  It is one of my favorite events because the attendees are some of the most active and engaged members that SHRM has.  It’s also very cool in that people come from all fifty states and also US territories.

I am a SHRMmie and am proud of being involved and connected.  I know that this can cause angst amongst my peers, but I’ve found that the more I’ve become involved, the more encouraged I am that SHRM is listening and moving in the right...


Make your impact on #GivingTuesday

For more than 45 years, the SHRM Foundation has supported the HR professional and workplace through scholarships, furthering HR research, and producing complimentary resources.

This Tuesday, December 2, is #GivingTuesday: a global day dedicated to giving and celebrating generosity. Consider skipping your morning cup of coffee, and instead, make an impact on the future of your profession by donating to the SHRM Foundation.

Join the #GivingTuesday movement by:

1.       Making a donation to the SHRM Foundation

2.       Sharing via social media

Tweet your support, share an update on LinkedIn, and inform...


Money for Motivation: How Incentive Based Pay Works


Last week I was talking with some folks about using compensation to drive employee behavior, and it occurred to me that I have never shared anything about that topic here. While I might not be the world’s foremost expert on the topic, I do have a few basic principles that I have relied on over time. The thing that I would like to note is that these apply to organizations of virtually any size. Even small companies (I’m looking at you, Mr/Ms HR Manager of a company with less than 250 employees) can incorporate these elements into...


The Voices of SHRM Volunteer Leaders #SHRMLead


Over 850 HR leaders attended SHRM’s 2014 Volunteer Leaders’ Summit at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C., this week. The annual summit brings together and celebrates the work that the organization’s volunteers do for SHRM and the HR profession throughout the year. Below some members share their experiences of being a SHRM volunteer leader and member.


"Volunteering with SHRM provides countless opportunities for development and leadership from which I have benefitted tremendously. I love it because it keeps me motivated while allowing me to give back to SHRM, community and profession and meet fantastic HR...


Congratulations to the 2014 SHRM Pinnacle Award Winners #SHRMLead


The Pinnacle Award Program is designed to recognize outstanding achievements in chapter/state council development and contributions to the advancement of effective human resource management. All SHRM professional chapters and state councils are eligible to compete in this program. Winners will each receive a $1,000 grant presented at a chapter/state council meeting with special recognition in SHRM publications and during the Leadership Conference.  

Congratulations to the 2014 Pinnacle winners!

State Councils

NC SHRM State Council
NC SHRM State Food Drive

Each June, the food banks in North Carolina feel the pressure of the release of children from school.  Children...