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Feel Better to Do Good After #SHRM14

Before I attended my first SHRM Annual, I pondered the important question, “What does Michael J. Fox have to do with HR?” I didn’t understand at that time that SHRM follows a set of specific criteria when choosing its keynotes. (Matt Stollak explains that system here.)

But now I know that a motivational speaker is an important part of the SHRM plan to get attendees  motivated and inspired. I’m okay with that – and I admit that I enjoy it.

Yesterday Robin Roberts kicked off SHRM14 with a fun and often touching journey through her life’s joys and struggles....


What Can You Do With What You Know?

Day two of SHRHM 14 started with internationally renowned author, reporter, and columnist Thomas Friedman. Friedman’s presentation focused on the future of business, and more specifically on the changes brought about by the digital explosion and increased connectivity.
One of the best statements made by him came when he was discussing the changing expectations of employers regarding their workforce:
“Know one cares what you know or where you went to school. They care about what you can do with what you know.”
Many writers and bloggers in the HR-based social media space have been advocating that approach...

Decompressing Day 2 of SHRM14

The second day of the Society for Human Resource Management's Annual Conference is in the books and I figured I would share a few highlights from this divinely inspiring day.

My interactions in the Exhibitor Hall revealed an evolved vendor strategy across the board. I've attended this event 7 years in a row and I have never been more impressed with the exhibitors commitment to delivering content and interacting with attendees. The days of handing out stuffed animals have been replaced with presentations by subject matter experts, high impact demos, and structured customer conversations. Bravo!!

Keeping it Human with Steve Browne


Need New Lenses?

“To change ourselves effectively, we first have to change our perceptions.- Stephen Covey

I just met a woman at SHRM14 who I wish had a microphone and a platform as her message is a great one.

As I wrote earlier this week, my goal was to supplement the typical concurrent session, general session or vendor posts with some insight and wisdom from the participants of this conference.

She didn’t want to be named and certainly didn’t want her picture taken so for now, let’s just call her “Jane.”

“Jane” is a seasoned HR professional…she grew up in the profession and...


Reporting In From #SHRM14 – Are We Ready To Transform?

We’re down here in sunny Orlando, Florida where the 2014 SHRM Annual Conference has been underway for the past day and a half.  This year’s theme is “Transform,” and it’s a theme that has reappeared and been reinforced numerous times already.

Preceding Robin Roberts’ opening keynote, SHRM CEO Hank Jackson took the stage with a call to action to attendees to champion the new and different.  With the technology solutions available to us as HR practitioners, we should be able to automate the administration of HR and free up time to think and act more strategically.  He also cautioned that...


My Annual Love Letter to the @SHRMFoundation #SHRM14

 Dear SHRM Foundation,

 We’ve known each other for years.  We’ve had our ups (your support of the HRGames) and our downs (the 247 Director’s Circle pins you sent me as a sign of your affection).  However, despite this rollercoaster of emotions, I’ve always supported you and been in your corner.  So, in this public forum, it is time to declare my love for you and say that you’re the best thing under the SHRM umbrella.  How do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

  1.  I love your heart and generosity- you provided $200,000 in scholarships and awards in
  2. ...

The Four #SHRM14 Conference Keynote Archetypes

If you're a newbie to the SHRM Annual Conference, you'll see that a major attraction to entice people to attend is the array of keynotes providing guidance and inspiration.  Perhaps this was one of the critical factors influencing your decision.

After attending for 14 years, you'll see that their are 4 major types of keynotes (h/t to Matt Charney for inspiring the post) that SHRM brings in.

The CEO/Major Executive.  

This speaker shares his (usually) insight of how he views HR and the workplace.  Think Earl Graves, Richard Branson, Jack Welch, Tony Hsieh, Louis Gerstner or Steve Forbes.  This year we have...


Are you too formal at work?

In his Monday morning session at #SHRM14, Steve Browne urged those attending his session to be themselves at all times, even at work! Now I know this may frighten some of you as much as the thought of missing out on the latest iPad giveaway in the exhibition hall. This should not be a scary prospect, even in a formal environment. After all, if you are not yourself, then you are either a fake or a poor imitation of someone else.

My current organization tends to be quite formal in their approach to systems, people, and communication. This formality was quite...



We have had the summer time theme going here at Performance I Create all month long. We have heard from our contributors and some guest bloggers about summer time and what it means to them – mostly from the HR view.

For me the seasons have become somewhat blurry. With both of my children out on their own, I don’t have those bright lines and demarcation points like the start of school, the end of school, or spring break anymore, so the seasons sort of blend together for me. However, there is one event now that becomes the defining event...


Dispatches from #SHRM14 Day One: Catch-ups, Keynotes, & Transformations

Well it’s time. The center of the HR Universe has descended upon central Florida to catch up with old friends and colleagues, meet and network with new people, and gain some continuing education credits.

All while it feels like 90 degrees outside with 90% humidity.

I’m excited to participate in the conference as a blogger and here’s my dispatch for day one:

  • There’s an interesting buzz about the floor, and on the faces of the participants. I’ve met folks who have mapped out their entire conference and others who are just “winging-it”. It’s great to see both interacting.
  • ...