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#Nextchat: Creating a Groundswell in HR

Much like a groundswell where a massive storm can create huge waves and a rise in the sea level, a groundswell among large groups of individuals -- using the power of technology and social media to connect -- can create a major surge in support, approval and enthusiasm to accomplish goals. Companies have started using groundswells to inspire consumers to rally around a cause -- and a brand.  Procter & Gamble successfully created a groundswell around the Secret brand with their “Fearless” campaign.

However, motivating people to become passionate and share that passion with others can be a difficult endeavor....


New Year's Resolution: Social media training for your workforce

The king is dead. Long live the king!
Teens are beginning to drop Facebook like a bad habit; instead, taking advantage of messaging apps like What'sApp, Snapchat, and Instagram to social network.
According to a GlobalWebIndex study highlighted in this Forbes article from Haydn Shaughnessy, "from Q2 2012 to Q3 2013 the percentage of active users among 16 - 19 year olds fell from 62% to 52% (these are active users in the sense of having contributed content), and among 20 - 24 year olds fell from 63% to 52%."
What this means for your...

HR, Heal Thyself: Wellness in the Workplace

The research, literature and advice available for employers around the issue of workplace wellness initiatives is massive.  Not only can one access reams of data that supports the benefits of implementing such programs but there are also a number of HR vendors (technology, service, and consultative) that can assist in management should your organization choose to focus on employee wellness. 

Much of the program information available, including this Workplace Wellness Programs Study by the US Department of Labor, indicates that employers focus on improving employees’ health-related...


Leadership = Influence

I agree with leadership maven John Maxwell and others who have stated that that the key to leadership is influence.  In my view, leadership is influence.

I have read a great deal about levels of leadership and level of influence. For this blog, however, I have divided influence, upon which leadership hinges, into three general categories:

First, there is influence based on positional authority.  Get it done because I am your boss.

This can be effective in getting a particular task done.  But because it is based, at least in part, on fear relating to authority, prudent risk-taking may be...


Tax Reform Could Affect YOUR Retirement!

It’s not what you know that can hurt you; it’s what you don’t know.

That adage is particularly appropriate today as Congress quietly considers an issue that could affect every American—yet few are aware of it.

While every conscientious HR professional has been working overtime to keep up with the evolving status of the Affordable Care Act, developments with immigration reform, and the implications of new workplace rules, something else has been happening behind closed doors on Capitol Hill.

Believe it or not (and you had better believe it), the tax-writing committees in Congress are drafting legislation to eliminate or...


A Look Back at 2013 and Predictions for the Year Ahead

As many companies are still in the midst of their planning for 2014, there are a number of factors that will impact the way they hire new talent and manage their employees. As the HR space is constantly changing, with new ideas and technologies constantly cropping up, organizations need to identify how the latest developments can improve their talent management processes and figure out how they can be integrated into their current systems. But before looking into what 2014 may have in store, let’s take a look at how my predictions for 2013 held up:

Social networking and niche...


HR in 2014: It’s all about the technology

One of the things I enjoy about the end of the year are predictions posts. I think it’s fun to read other people’s take on upcoming trends and the future of the profession. As a business professional, trend watching confirms my thoughts about what’s happening in the workplace. And when I see predictions about something new, it challenges me to learn about those topics.

I believe 2014 will be a very exciting time for human resources and the world of work. We’re on the edge of so many...


Putting the Year to Rest

My son and I were watching Steve Jobs present at Apple Town Hall in 2001. Actually, it was Ashton Kutcher in the opening scene of "Jobs", the year's most remarkable film. At the conclusion of his brief Keynote introduction, Steve Jobs pulled from his pocket a device that he introduced as "the I-pod". I was startled by applause from the 8 year old sitting next to me. He nodded his head and looked over at me with a pride most children would reserve for Santa Claus. How truly amazing, that a group of people could create something so complex and...

Being present

Sometimes, the mere act of being present can make a world of difference in our workplace.  This is especially true when it is unexpected, unscheduled, and done for positive reasons.
In my short tenure in my new position, it has become clear that my presence outside the administrative office is a new fangled concept to many.  I’ve heard phrases like:
“HR has never been here before.”
“Why are you here? Is something wrong?”
“I hope you’re not here because someone is in trouble.”
“Wait, you’re the new HR Director and you came to see me?!?”

#Nextchat RECAP: Why HR Needs to Be a Great Marketer

On December 18, @WeKnowNext chatted with John Richard Bell (@JohnRichardBell) about "Why HR Needs to be a Great Marketer."

In case you missed it, you can read all the great tweets on Storify or here: