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Inspiration- #SHRM14 Style

A week ago I was listening to Robin Roberts inspire 10,000+ HR professionals with her journey, wisdom and strength. I continue to be impressed with the speakers that SHRM pulls for events, but Robin Roberts probably takes the cake! She was so humble and I love her sense of humor. A week later I’m still sitting her amazed at the honor of sharing a room with her. She was just amazing, but we also heard from one of our own, Heather Abbott. Heather, if you do not know, is an HR professional (and certified I...


I Love Not Working Well For You

I attended the SHRM National Conference in Orlando recently and went to quite a few concurrent sessions that got me thinking.

One session was about money…how an organization makes it, wastes it or loses it…and, of course, what Human Resource professionals should be doing about all of them to ensure organizational success.

The presenter talked about engagement, and how Human Resources needs to provide leadership with the information and tools it needs to better engage its workforce. 


My goodness, this word has been used a lot over the past...


Dispatches from #SHRM14 Day Three: In case you forgot, it’s all about leadership!

The third day is when the conference grind sets it and depending on how late your “client meetings” ran, it’s a tough day.

You need to start packing the suitcase and you’re probably wondering why you just didn’t ship that whole bag of “tangible memories” you collected off the expo floor.

I’ve seen this conundrum at the previous conferences and here’s my practical advice. Prior to the next conference, get the FedEx number from shipping & receiving. If you want to kick in some sharing of some cool stuff as a form of “repayment” do it. Thank me later for...


Why I love you.

I do not have a lot of heroes, but one of them is Bayard Rustin. A really visionary and courageous guy. I wish that his story, his work, his life were more well known. A true pioneer…there should be monuments.

I presented yesterday at the SHRM Annual Conference on The Future of Diversity and Inclusion: 5 Next Practices, and I was reminded how much I love being a part of the “band of angelic troublemakers” that Rustin talked about.

It was a truly delightful 75 minutes in a room...


Closing Thoughts From #SHRM14 – Transformation


The theme of the 2014 SHRM Annual Conference, and one that manifested in a number of ways throughout the course of the four days.  The keynote speakers touched on it.  Many of the concurrent and Smart Stage sessions reinforced it.  But the question is, did the HR professionals that attended walk away ready to assume a transformational mindset?

I found it encouraging that by design the programming of SHRM Annual seemed to promote the idea of transformation.  Of course the keynote speakers supported the idea, as you would expect they would; any good keynote will bring the theme of...


#SHRM14: Moving Into The Warming Light

Failure is an enabler.

In both senses of the term, but for some, the one ultimate driver.

It’s our confidant and our kryptonite; it elevates and cripples us. Ideas fail, businesses fail, processes fail, people fail, and through it all, if we’re paying attention, learning and even a little lucky, we might just find a little light.

Okay, some more than others, but then again, I’ve been in the HR technology space for over 15 years and I’ve viewed some established industry journalists, HR and recruiting practitioners and business leaders...


Debriefing SHRM14 - The State of The Workplace

The sun has set on the 3rd day of programming here in Orlando and those of us who were lucky enough to attend the 2014 Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference know how the US Soccer Team felt playing in Brazil. Through our blood, sweat and tears we got closer to (re)certification, attained an exorbitant amount of knowledge, found solutions to unmet needs and made a few new friends. This was my favorite of the last 7 SHRM Conferences thanks to the quality of content delivered! Applause to everyone who makes this monstrosity of an event possible!

I met a thousand...


SHRM and Social Media – What a Difference a Few Years Make

My first SHRM conference was in March 2010, and it was not the big “Annual” affair that I am currently attending. It was the SHRM Legal and Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, designed for lawyers and senior HR pros who have a responsibility for legal compliance in their organizations.

At that conference, I was unhappy to find that social media – which I had embraced about 18 months previously and was enriching my life by leaps and bounds – was a topic of fear, avoidance, and derision. I blogged about that conference, mentioning the story of telling one attorney-presenter who was speaking on social...


Dispatches from #SHRM14 Day Two: Keynotes, Conversations & Cultural Sensitivity?

The second day of large conferences has always been my favorite day. Everything is still fresh and new, the speakers are excited, and the attendees are excited… well let me rephrase that, the attendees are excited until they realize that their next session is across the convention center.

Day two here at #SHRM14 was another excellent day. One of the more innovative things that I’ve seen this year is the programming in the “Connection Zone”. While this idea and iteration is not new (the last two conferences in Atlanta and Chicago had “The Hive”) it’s great to see and hear...