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Keys to Career Transformation: Getting Real

The new year is a common time for reflection. How do you get from where you are now to where you want to be in your career? So, I’m sharing lessons learned from my own career transition. First, I tackled the hardest step: getting unstuck. Now, here’s the next step in my career transformation story: getting real.
Keys to Career Transformation: Getting RealEvery transition story involves a struggle. My story is no different. I’ve come to realize that the struggle is usually where the most learning and growth happen.
After I finally got unstuck and resigned from...

#Nextchat: Trust in the Workplace

"The surest way to make employees untrustworthy is to distrust them -- and to show it." - Henry Stimson

Trust is an essential ingredient to creating a healthy workplace culture. Organizations that hire, develop and recognize their workers based on respectful practices will enjoy greater levels of employee engagement and more success in their talent management strategies.

However, trust in the workplace has been eroding because of an increase in downsizings, acquisitions and new technology, and the constant fluctuations of an unstable global economy. It’s more...


HR Pro’s Goal for 2014: Read Books for HRCI Recertification Credit

As a certified professional, I try to challenge myself when it comes to recertification. Each year, instead of doing the same types of activities, I try to complete at least one activity in each section. And I try to find new ways to obtain recertification credits. This year, my goal is to use the new SHRMStore Credit-Approved Book program.

If you haven’t heard about it, the SHRMStore Credit-Approved Book program recognizes the amount of time that HR professionals spend reading to stay current with their profession. SHRMStore Manager Andrea Cale said they started talking with HRCI about the program after...


Interview with Chris Lavoie- Top Recruiter The Competition

Reality shows have always been a hit, controversial and yet entertaining! I don't deny the fact that some of them are BS, too!

But here is the one show that is focused on making an impact by helping the audience find a job, learn what is happening behind the veil of job interview, and that brings you the tricks and tactics of a recruiter and the fresh and latest of the recruitment industry! The one that has its fingers on the pulse of recruitment industry-Top Recruiter the Competition on

If you missed watching the shows, here are all the...


The End Of An Era

Six years ago, I left the world of technology sales to join the “employee recognition” industry. At the time, trophy manufacturers and fulfillment houses were giving prizes to people for their organizational tenure. Much in the way one receives a class ring, employees were rewarded a milestone award that was centric to their company brand. These mementos served as badges of honor to certain employees. Then technology took over.

Things have changed! Adults no longer want prizes.
So, the terminology of Employee Recognition became Employee Engagement. To be merely recognized is no longer enough, we want to engage! Engagement is...

Fly…Just Fly

We begin the New Year with strong motivation to build on our experiences and set out to rid ourselves of the shortcomings of the past. We aspire with greatness to set goals and romanticize our dreams for the coming 12 months. So often, we focus on overcoming our weaknesses or eliminating our bad habits – quit smoking, eat healthier, drink less, exercise more. We cherish dreams of greatness for the year ahead, hoping to be not only better, but to attain perfection by ridding ourselves of everything we do poorly. We imagine eliminating our bad habits, completely, and sticking to...



By now you’re aware that we’ve entered a New Year.  The flurry of posts that flood blogs encouraging resolutions, new attitudes, new approaches, etc. have died down.  I love to see the positive launch into a new year because I think people are eager to start clean and move forward.
A new start is true for companies as well as it is for individuals.  Going into 2014, our company is taking an approach that most don’t – and I dig it.  Instead of piling on layers and layers of more goals and objectives, we’re stripping things down and asking...

SHRM Store's Great 8 of 2013

Each year the SHRMStore announces its top-selling 8 products based on customer sales. Plus, we’ve listed the Great 8 for popular categories such as SHRM-Published and Accessories.
Many of the titles on the list are repeats from 2012 and even 2011. The top sellers year-to-year include books, DVDs, and software specific to:
  •  Employment law compliance
  •  Harassment training
  •  HR management
  •  Employee relations
Though these topics are no surprise, this indicates that SHRM members and HR professionals have a critical need to keep their businesses out of court by staying in compliance with state and federal...