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The Great 8 of 2014


Each January the SHRMStore reflects back on the previous year and reviews the top sellers in the SHRMStore. These books, DVDs, software and web-based products reveal what products the HR industry is purchasing. Each year we find top sellers in just about every aspect of HR including compliance, employee relations, recruiting, strategy, harassment training, and auditing. However, we look at the top selling eight (8) items to hone in on what is most critical and top of mind for HR professionals. Though it isn’t purely coincidence that ‘eight’ rhymes with ‘Great’!

We also separate out the top-selling SHRM Published...




In today’s complex global economy, HR has evolved to become a key leadership position and businesses expect more of HR professionals than ever before. As I have written before, this profession is being challenged to keep up with the rapidly changing world of work.

This is why SHRM is excited to launch two new competency-based certifications for the HR profession: the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). These certifications are focused on teaching and testing the practical, real-life leadership behaviors and competencies—such as business acumen, communication and critical...


I’m Now Officially a SHRM-CP! What’s Next?


Like many of you, I have had my HRCI certification for some time and had been following the news and information related to the new SHRM-CP certifications very closely since the announcement mid 2014. As the information came out I was excited, curios, uncomfortable, understanding, and frustrated — sometimes all at the same time (hey, I’m a change management expert, so there was a lil heartburn for me personally about how everything was rolled out and maybe some opportunities to do some...


2015 – The Year of Performance Management?


Now that all the Year in Review and Year in Pictures articles have concluded, it’s time to move on to the predictions for the coming year. I’m by no means an “official” prognosticator. Yet I see a trend that has been building over the last several months – a renewed emphasis on performance management in relation to talent management and people management – that leads me to believe that 2015 might be the year of performance management.

Now, that might seem an odd pick, given that there is so much talk about talent analytics, integrated talent management, and now...


On the Horizon? #HR4Civility


First, let me wish you a very happy new year. As I think of all the things for which I hope in this New Year I return time and again to one thing: a wish for civility – in the workplace, in the media and in so many aspects of our lives.  In part I speak of the myriad decisions in which the NLRB has ruled that an employee’s use of mean, rude, derogatory and even profane comments directed to or regarding a coworker or manager is protected under the NLRA.  As employers and HR professionals we get the...


The HR Take on Job Creation in 2014


By most accounts, 2014 went down as a successful year for job creation. Problems do remain— millions are still out of work, others are underemployed and middle-class jobs are shrinking—but purely from a numbers standpoint, the labor market grew at a solid pace.

In the midst of this expansion, HR professionals have a unique perspective on employment trends—they recruit, they hire and fire, they measure workers’ engagement with their jobs, and perform other tasks that are connected to the health of the labor force. And in 2014, those in the HR sector shared scores of their job...


8 New Year's Resolutions for HR


As a proud member of the HR Community, I was trying to think of things that, individually or collectively, we potentially could do better in 2015. With that background, I came up with following eight resolutions:

1.         Avoid HR Jargon.  People appreciate plain English.  Enough with the paradigm shifts, synergistic partnerships, value added relationships and outside the box thinking.  And by the way,  if you are outside the box, you are still defining yourself by the box!  Enough with the box.

2.         Learn more about your business.  Learn more about the non-HR aspects of your...


Hiring Someone Without Experience May Turn Out To Be Your Best Hiring Move


As HR and talent acquisition leaders, we are always looking for cost effective and creative ways to make your recruiting dollars go the extra mile. The market for best in class experienced candidates will remain extremely competitive as unemployment rates continue to drop, which leaves many companies looking to new options to fill their hiring needs. Because of this an increasing number of companies are adjusting their work environments in order to attract and train professionals, especially those who have recently graduated from colleges and universities, in an effort to develop raw...


#Nextchat: The Power of Doing Less, Better


Complexity is in the eye of the beholder. To me, astrophysics is a complex discipline; to Stephen Hawking it is not. People engaged in complex situations fall into two categories: those who accept complexity as a fact of life and work with it, and those who fight it every inch of the way. I’m in that later camp.

In today’s business, complexity is prolific. There are hundreds of reasons why ambiguity and complication have reared their ugly heads to complicate your professional life—some of the reasons are externally-driven, but most are self-created—maybe not by you, but by people above...