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As our world evolves so does the human resources (HR) landscape. Often, though, not on the same scale or at the same rate as other industries and our business counterparts.

This must change.

The pandemic has affected all businesses, HR is no exception. Our workplaces have never been more ripe for change.

The majority of Californians, and Americans alike, spend the bulk of their waking hours “in the workplace.” It’s no great secret that a strong sense of belonging at work results in increased performance, reduced turnover, and a decrease in sick days.

What may come as a shock, though, is...


6 Steps to Implementing a Workforce Planning Change Process

If ever there were a time for strategic workforce planning…it is now! No one I know believes the world of work will ever be the same as it was pre-Covid-19. The challenges employers and HR professionals face today and will face tomorrow is wild, uncharted territory. Recruitment, onboarding, development, engagement, and talent management are all evolving faster than a supersonic jet. It’s really is like flying that plane and building it at the same time. 

What are we to do? When I serve my clients as an executive coach, it is my...


Terms of Engagement



There’s no debate that companies with engaged employees and diverse teams are more successful. They have greater profitability, lower costs, and higher stock prices than companies with disengaged, homogeneous workforces. For years, studies 1 and real-world experience have shown this to be true, and yet here we are at the beginning of 2021, not having made nearly enough progress.


Do managers not believe the data?

Do they not have ways of measuring engagement and diversity?

Or is it just not intuitive?

Focus on sales, you make more...


Human Trafficking: A Problem That Needs Our Attention and How Employers Can Help



A few years ago, my perception of human trafficking was that it involved people beyond our borders, cartels even, who were wrongly controlling and manipulating people’s lives in areas like employment.

This first month of 2021 is National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month and, as in my case, greater awareness of this crisis is badly needed.

My eyes were first opened to the extent of human trafficking a few years ago when I was working at one of our morning breakfast programs. Someone pointed to a nearby building and...


3 Ways to Stop Making Excuses for a Boss's Bad Behavior in 2021



It’s time to eliminate the Boss persona and Boss-like behavior from our politics, businesses, and organizations in 2021. Based on managing teams and enterprises around the world, I understand that this change is much easier said than done. However, employees must stop making excuses for a boss’s toxic behaviors for teams to succeed.

While being a Boss is still something many people aspire to be in their career, it’s important to discuss the dynamics and three ways employees can take action to inspire a shift towards servant leadership.

The argument...


When I Grow Up - Bold & Beautiful African Dreams


On a cold winter afternoon in Maseru, dancing my heart away, belting out the chorus of one of my favorite childhood songs, “I love you, daddy, you are my hero, you are my superstar” by eighties pop star Ricardo, I looked up, and there he was, the first love of my life, an audience of one, my dad, standing by the window sill, witnessing what I can call one of the most beautiful and precious moments of his life. I stopped singing, and he asked me to come...


SHRM Connect: Reimbursement Request to Return to Office, a Ridiculous Work Comp Claim and About-to-be-Termed Employee Files a Complaint


When employees have questions, they go to HR.

When HR professionals have questions, they often turn to each other for guidance and advice.

SHRM Connect is an online forum where SHRM members can post questions and get answers from their peers within the SHRM community. It’s a great place to network with other HR professionals while sharing solutions and advice on a wide range of HR topics.

Jump into a discussion or watch from the sidelines. There's something for everyone.

Check out some of the latest conversations below:

Most Ridiculous WC Claim ...


What Drives SHRM Members?


Whether they're a young professional diving into a career in HR or a senior-level executive with years of experience, SHRM members have unique stories to tell.
Discover how Jeff, Claire and Susan tapped into SHRM's valuable network to launch and accelerate their careers. For more, visit: Subscribe to our channel: Strong businesses and dynamic workplaces power the economy. As the voice of all things work, workers and...

When I Grow Up - Empathy in Leadership



My name is Sophia, and I am so glad to be a newborn in 2021. These are some challenging times for all of us. Thoreau said, “Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?”

And before Thoreau, Marcus Aurelias said, “Whenever you are about to find fault with someone, ask yourself the following question: What fault of mine most nearly resembles the one I am about to criticize?”

And more recently, the Grateful Dead have reminded us to be...