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3 Things I’m Looking Forward to at the SHRM Talent Management Conference #SHRMTalent


In less than a week, I’ll be immersed with several hundred of my human resources & talent colleagues at the 2017 SHRM Talent Management Conference and Expo, here in my home city of Chicago.  I’m excited about the opportunity to attend, not only because it’s local and an easy trip to get there!  But, because this will be my first ever SHRM conference I’ll be attending.  That said, here’s 3 things I’m most looking forward to.

  1. Learning about the development and importance of digital in the workplace.   

From emerging...


Go “All In” at #SHRM17



There are times in our lives when we make a deliberate choice to give our best; to wholly dedicate ourselves to a project, cause or calling. A moment when we decide to go "all in" for who or what we believe in.

Professionally, this could mean continuing your education, venturing into a new industry or otherwise stretching yourself beyond your traditional boundaries. Personally, this could mean starting a family, moving across the country or world for a new opportunity, or taking some other risk...


What Are You Doing For Holocaust Remembrance Day Next Week?

Every year, I write a blog for SHRM on Holocaust Remembrance.    
This year, Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) is next week on April 24, 2017. 
During the Holocaust, more than 11 million human beings were systemically murdered.  Plus, millions more died in battle. That includes our brave military forces that sacrificed their lives to save the lives of others. 
Of course, every life is a universe. Every loss of innocent life matters equally. 
But, the Holocaust had a disproportionate effect on the Jewish...

One HR lesson from the United Airlines fiasco: Always act as if you are being recorded



Everyone is undoubtedly aware of what this fiasco is about. It made both national and international news. United Airlines suffered significantly in the stock market, dropping $1.4 BILLION after the event. What was the major catalyst for this loss and the resulting bad public relations? Video and social media! Twenty years ago this might not even have made the news. The man would have been removed, the plane would have been closed up and the flight taken. No one on the plane would have talked to a reporter, no one would...


#Nextchat: The Realities of Using a Modern TA Platform

originally published on The Tim Sackett Project blog


If you’re a talent acquisition (TA) leader for a big shop, I’m guessing my life is better than yours! Why do I know this? Because the technology you’re being asked to use has completely passed you by on the side of the highway!

Remember that first time when your Mom or Dad asked you to fix the clock on the VCR? It was simple, but they had no idea on how to set the VCR clock, so it would blink “12:00” for...


Why Humility Is the New Smart

For decades, smart people were thought to be those who knew the most—and weren't afraid to show it: the manager who insists that everyone sees things his way or the student who always has her hand up because she memorized the whole textbook. 

But now that technology can track down reams of information faster than even the biggest know-it-alls, our definition of what makes people smart is shifting.

The "new smart" is not about what you know; it's about how you think and relate to...


The two new bills in Congress that should be on every employer’s radar


You say overtime; I say comp time.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, when a non-exempt employee works more than 40 hours in a workweek, that employee gets paid overtime at time-and-a-half the regular rate of pay. Under the FLSA, a private-sector employer cannot provide that employee with comp time in lieu of overtime — even if the employee agrees.

To the few of you who are now furiously clutching your pearls, I’m sorry. I didn’t make the rules. Indeed,...


Recruitment: How Do I Find the Right People?

Recruitment of top talent is an important issue for small business owners as it’s critical to the success of any operation. The full process of recruiting is time consuming and can be fraught with errors.
Organizations that do not possess a full-time HR resource find that the time required to identify and engage a new team member can be overwhelming. When there is a single team member responsible for the HR function, recruiting can become a priority leaving other business critical activities to fall to the side. Juggling phone screens, interviews and reference checks can take time away...

Gary Kushner at #SHRM17 and Five Global Trends Impacting HR Strategy


In anticipation of #SHRM17 I had an opportunity to talk to Gary Kushner about his session, which will be held on Tuesday, June 20 at 10:45 am. The full title of his presentation is The Changing Nature of Work and the Worker: Five Global Trends Impacting HR Strategy. At #SHRM2013 I attended Gary’s session of a similar title and wrote about it here. This is not a repeat of that session, this is a major revision.

The world has changed

In my interview I asked...


Are You Congruent ??

The majority of us work for our lifetime. Seriously. We are in a job of some sort from either our late teens/early twenties until our mid to late 60’s (if not longer). I’m not bemoaning this fact. Having a job is essential for all of us to be able to earn a living, provide for others, give generously and possibly have a family. With so much time invested, why do we hit times where things just feel a bit wonky?
Do you know what I mean? Every person I know hits a patch, or patches, where things seem misaligned....