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Manners Or Sensitivity: What’s More Important for Cubicle Etiquette?



I was reading about sensitivity training and it got me to thinking…

Sensitivity usually requires some degree of relatability, but having good manners only requires imitation or compliance. Sensitivity is difficult (if not impossible) when it’s disingenuous, but good manners do not require empathy.

Here’s what I mean. Rudy grew up in the 70s and attended public schools in DC.  Suzy was home schooled in the 90’s, in rural Indonesia. Though both may feel loss, hurt, love, and joy, asking Rudy to relate to Suzy or Suzy to Rudy on...


Chicago, Chicago #SHRM18



Yesterday, #nextchat featured the #SHRM18Bloggers celebrating what’s truly amazing about SHRM’s annual conference, and what we’re looking forward to this June in Chicago. One of the questions that got me thinking was about the unique and exciting opportunities for us to get to know the city of Chicago. There is a proud and engaged group of local SHRM leaders and members in Chicago and they can’t wait to show off their amazing city to thousands of HR pros coming into town for #SHRM18.

Another tip I got today on #nextchat...


Why Resumes Need to Retire



I spoke at a conference five years ago in which I declared, “resumes suck.”  The context was about over-inflated resumes filled with key words, and on the other side, employers who dismiss great talent based on a piece (or ten) of paper. In short, resumes needed to be retired and replaced with a more dynamic way of matching talent with needs.

Yet in 2018, we will still ask for traditional resumes and expect internal and external recruiters to work magic when it comes to attracting high-demand talent and needed skill sets.  WHY?!?

Let’s go...


Creating an Employee Experience Based on Solid Communication Principles




Imagine for a moment that you're a business leader at a midsize firm. Your company is facing stiff competition. The corporate leadership has seen drastic changes. Customers are ambivalent about the products the company sells. And the employees, well, they are struggling to keep pace with the changes and may not even know what the company's big picture vision is, which leads to major challenges with customer service efforts.

This is a common story, but the ending can vary greatly depending on the...


Why Wellness Programs Are No Cure for Poor Employee Culture



I hear it all the time.

HR worries over what they see in the workplace. Managers complain they can’t find and keep good people. Turnover rates are high. Engagement is low.  

On top of this, upper management is providing directives like, “Maybe we should launch a new wellness program to boost employee morale.” 

But red flags like high turnover and low performance signal a deeper issue. An unhealthy corporate culture and poor employee morale point to a foundation that’s not stable. Repairing your company’s employee culture requires an ongoing strategy...


#Nextchat RECAP: Expand Your World with the #SHRM18 Bloggers


On March 14, @shrmnextchat chatted with the #SHRM18 Blogger Team about Expanding Your World and how to get the most out of your #SHRM18 conference experience. 

If you missed this amazing chat filled with excellent tips and advice, you can read all the tweets here




#SHRM18 Speakers to Meet – Dr. Melanie Peacock


SHRM18 is coming, we are less than 100 days from boarding our planes or getting in our cars to travel to Chicago and embarking on a new year of networking and learning from the speakers and vendors during the conference. Being an SHRM18 Blogger (YAY!) I’ve been given the opportunity to interview a few speakers and vendors of choice and this person was my first speaker of choice. We’ve been connected on Twitter for a few months now and she has truly been a continuous motivation for...


They’re not good because they blog..They blog b/c they’re good at HR!


Why you need to connect with the #SHRM18Blogger Team!

I’ve been working with bloggers for over a decade now, across 4 continents and 3 separate careers.  They are passionate, if not persistent- and fiercely loyal to their following.  Yet, what I found above and beyond all the other personality traits is that they are- to put it as simply as I can- good at what they do. 

This year’s crew is a mix of long-established HR voices as well as the “up and coming” cohort affectionately known as the #HRTribe.  They come from all walks of life, backgrounds,...


Live Blog Recertification Live Chat

Live Blog Recertification Live Chat

Watch Your Head




Traumatic brain injury (TBI) represents around 30 percent of all injury deaths in the United States (CDC, 2017). TBIs are caused by bump, blow, or jolts to the brain and from 2002 to 2016, TBIs accounted for 1.7 Million injuries per year. Of these injuries, 52,000 of them resulted in death. Although TBI is generally more prevalent in young and old people, the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries estimates that between 4 and 7 percent of the overall reported TBI are due to occupational injuries (Laws, 2015). That accounts for...