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Communication: The Feedback Sandwich




For anyone not familiar, the “feedback sandwich” is a description of a way to give employee feedback. It’s shorthand for the practice of giving negative or constructive feedback by wrapping it with positive compliments (the bread that contains the meat)

Some people are critical of this practice, suggesting that it’s dubious, manufactures, and distracts from the true meaning of the conversation – the criticism or negative feedback.

The problem we have is that it’s not in our DNA as humans to take time out to focus on...


Making Decisions About People



How can we make the best decision possible when choosing whom to hire (or befriend or date or commit ourselves to for one reason or another)? Is there a way to predict a candidate's future behavior or performance on the job? As you may be aware, thousands of companies purport to do exactly this, using a variety of methods from resume keyword matching to background checks to video interviews to assessments to even handwriting analysis—called graphology—to predict a job candidate's future on-the-job success. Graphology has been relatively popular in parts...


#Nextchat: The Balance that Creates an Amazing Candidate Experience



Recruiting technologies that have emerged over the past few years have been a boon for HR when it comes to unloading many of the burdensome administrative tasks that accompany the hiring process. However, with all this new technology, companies can run the risk of alienating the candidate with a cold and impersonal experience. Balance is needed.

Finding, winning and keeping the right candidate these days requires a mix of the technology that makes the process easier for both recruiter and job seeker and maintains a consistent level of meaningful, human interaction.  ...


Friends Do NOT Let Friends Engage in Harassing Conduct


As a result of the “great awakening” last year of the persistence and pervasiveness of sexual harassment, we all know that more must be done to tackle this scourge.  Companies are looking to enhance their preventive efforts, and, of course, that must start at the top.

To minimize the burden on victims, employers are empowering “bystanders.” For examples, employers are—or should be--modifying their anti-harassment complaint procedures to the extent necessary to make clear that an employee does not have to be the object of unacceptable conduct to raise a concern. Employees can...


Getting a Good Night's Sleep Easy as Z-Z-Z…



Most people understand the negative effects improper sleep quantity can have on their daily activities. We’ve all heard a fellow employee say how they just need their five or six hours per night to function well the next day.

Adults are recommended by the National Sleep Foundation to get anywhere between seven and nine hours of sleep per night, so it’s already evident we don’t get enough on a regular basis. What most people don’t understand is that proper sleep quality is just as important as quantity – and can be just as troublesome if...


Satisficing Versus Optimizing: Making your Choice



Shopping is a process that people either tend to enjoy or hate.  I'll go out on a limb and say that some people enjoy shopping less than others.  As a result, those who like to shop may choose to optimize when they shop while the others may choose to satisfice.  What does this mean and what are the implications for the workplace?

Nobel prize winner Herb Simon developed the theory of Bounded Rationality and this theory has been given the tag "satisficing", meaning that when people make decisions they sometimes...


Communication. HR’s Ticket to Success



HR Professionals are awesome in many ways. We do great work, for majority of us, we do it not because it’s a job, but because it is truly what we love. Unfortunately, even the greatest HR professional can have down falls, and one might be, not being able to communicate effectively.

Learning to communicate is a key skill for HR professionals, but we sometimes forget one part of communication. Listening.

It’s Monday afternoon, you’re deep in your office, catching up on what happened over the weekend. You’ve already made your...


Building Fences




Philip Humbert reminded me of the importance of building fences. Philip sent a weekly newsletter for years. The TIPS Title for October of 2016, one of his last newsletters, was Good Fences Make Us Rich. He continually asked me a more beautiful question as if he was just across the table enjoying a cup of coffee with me.

Here was Phil's opening One Minute TIP:

"Robert Frost observed that ' good fences make good neighbors' and I would add that good boundaries make us rich, in every sense of the word. Good boundaries


Two Simple Systems for Generating Positive Energy in Others

4 principles of energy:

#1. People have energy. Lousy organizations drain it.

#2. Energy flows toward meaningful action. When people lose energy they’re doing things that aren’t fulfilling.

#3. Energy increases with clarity and forward movement. Sustained confusion drains.

#4. Leaders impact energy. Successful leaders protect, nurture, and ignite energy inside others. Foolish leaders suck the life out of people.

How to generate positive energy in others:

Energy decreases unless someone fuels it.

  • First, commit yourself to generating positive energy in your team members.
  • Second, adopt a system for generating positive energy
  • ...

My Experience with the Privilege Walk


I hope everyone had a nice holiday season and I also wish you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!  2017 was a great year for me.  I really have enjoyed and learned so much as the Diversity & Inclusion Co-Director with the Garden State Council SHRM (GSC-SHRM).  This year, I am also the Diversity & Inclusion Director for the North Jersey-Rockland SHRM Chapter, as well as the GSC-SHRM 2018 Conference Social Media Chair.  All good things and all offer great learning experiences. 

A blog that I have wanted to write about and share was my experience facilitating the...