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Interested in Introducing Financial Wellness Programs in the Workplace? Here's a Good Place to Start

SHRM partner Prosperity Now created a Workplace Finanancial Wellness Services primer specifically for employer to help them create workplace-based financial wellness programs. The blog post below gives more information on the primer and offers six services that can help employees deal with the problems associated with financial insecurity.  


Last week, in partnership with Center for Social Development at Washington University in St. Louis (CSD), we released Workplace Financial Wellness Services: A Primer for Employers. With this primer, employers can get an overview of common workplace-based financial wellness services that...


Why Mentorship Will Help Veterans Transitioning to Civilians



If there is one ingredient in the recipe for a successful transition to civilian life that I could recommend, it would be to find and work with a mentor.

The simple definition of a mentor is “an experienced, trusted advisor”.  Such a small definition, to what amounts to be a life changing and important tool in succeeding in your transition into the civilian world and the next chapter of your career.

There are many programs and websites out there to help you find a mentor. You could simply do some...


Translating the HR Digital Revolution to Everyday Work

The HR digital revolution is here and moving at rapid speed, and organizations are looking for new, effective, productive ways to meet the evolving demands of doing business—agility, 24/7 global access, speed and accuracy. Leading organizations know they need to disrupt or be disrupted, so they have begun to create entirely new work environments that we now call the digital workplace revolution. It is changing the way we think and approach everyday work.

#Nextchat RECAP: Empowered HR Professionals Help Employees and Organizations Thrive

On August 2, @shrmnextchat chatted with special guests SHRM Foundation @SHRMFoundation, Globoforce Social Media Manager Mike Wood @MikeWoodTweets, Greg Stevens of The WorkHuman Institute (@workhuman) and Associate Professor at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business Christine Porath (@PorathC).

In case you missed this informative chat, you can read all the tweets here:




Managing Prima Donnas




You know what a Prima Donna is – in HR we come across them all the time. The employee who thinks the rules don’t apply to her, or that he’s so valuable he shouldn’t have to follow the rules. They question everything looking for loopholes, and generally make HR (and everyone) a little crazy. The definition of this employee is: a vain or undisciplined person who finds it difficult to work under direction or as part of...

No One Is "Just" Anything



I’m fortunate to work for really great owners that genuinely care about our team members.  But at the same time, they’re business people.  They don’t do it just to make themselves feel good, or to be charitable.  Business needs to operate profitably, otherwise we’re all in trouble.  Bottom line, if we pay you to do a job, you’re important.  But is that enough?

I recently heard a talk by Nora Burns (video link here) that struck a chord with me.  She went undercover with team members posing as one of...


Prospect for Tax Reform Remains Unclear as Mounting Priorities Compete for Attention


As efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act continue to plod along in Congress, House and Senate tax writers have been working with the Trump administration to find a way forward on tax reform.

Hearings continue to take place, most recently last week with both the House Ways and Means Tax Policy Subcommittee and the Senate Finance Committee looking at a path forward on tax reform. One area Members of Congress are reviewing is the tax-favored status of employer-sponsored retirement and welfare benefits.  The House Ways...


#Nextchat: Empowered HR Professionals Help Employees and Organizations Thrive



This #Nextchat was created by the SHRM Foundation's 2017 Summer Intern, Amanda Tinkleman.

When employees thrive, organizations thrive. According to a report published by the SHRM Foundation in 2016 and sponsored by Globoforce, Creating a More Human Workplace Where Employees and Business Thrive, employees need two things to thrive in the workplace:

1) a sense of vitality, or feeling alive every day, and

2) regular opportunities for learning.

To meet these needs, the report outlined seven key strategies:

  1. Share information about the organization and its strategy.
  2. Provide decision-making
  3. ...

Seeing is Believing: Why Physical Office Environments Should Reflect Corporate Culture


Research shows that 90 percent of what we perceive about our world is absorbed visually. And, visual perceptions greatly influence our overall impression of our surroundings. That’s why a company’s physical environment is so important to get right.

In creating an office environment, there is no “one size fits all.” Every company is different and every workforce is different. Authenticity is essential. A physical office space should reflect a company’s culture and employees’ needs. In turn, it can play an important role in employee engagement.

Two main factors encompass


When a Toxic Worker Is Well-Liked by Managers

How does HR negotiate the complaints of disgruntled co-workers and the praise of higher-ups?
It's the guy in the office who slams his file cabinet drawers when he's ticked off. It's the woman who rolls her eyes when someone offers an idea at a meeting. Or maybe it's the person who's always talking behind everyone's back, spreading gossip and mistrust. 
They're toxic employees, and experts agree they can make their co-workers not only unhappy, but less productive. 
Yet such difficult workers may also be highly...