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Former Governer Jeb Bush Kicks Off #SHRM18


So, I have to admit… I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from Jeb Bush when I saw the keynotes announced for SHRM national this year. What would he say to a room full of HR people — I wanted to find out. I was wary of something political — and this isn’t the first time that there has been a politician as a keynote at SHRM, but with the political climate today, I wasn’t in the mood to hear anything political — I’m so glad that I didn’t listen to...


Dreaming the Future of HR #SHRM18

Earlier this week, I had the honor of addressing the largest gathering of HR professionals in history at the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition. The record-breaking attendance in Chicago signals that our profession is serious about transforming and elevating the work we do and the workforces we serve.

There has never been a better moment to be in our business—the business of people.

Why? Because CEOs and other organizational leaders finally get it. HR matters. We’re the ones who manage the people issues that erupt in the workplace, from...


Chronicles of Hebert – #SHRM18 Day 3 – Dawn’s Early Light


“Early to rise. Not to bed. The motto of 15,000 HR professionals. I saw the streets of Wacker, Wabash, Rush, littered with the detritus of HR parties, SHRM badges and vendor business cards. Business cards. Interesting they still have a place in 2018. Like the land line, TV dinners and wrist watches they exist simply to remind us they did.

The “J” bus was much quieter today. The riders with the eyes closed, heads back, waiting for the effect of Advil, Aleve and acetaminophen to kick in. It’s always...


#SHRM18: Lessons from The Biggest HR Event in History


This year’s SHRM Annual Conference is a milestone. The team is estimating about 20,000 HR professionals, vendors, and miscellaneous other attendees have converged on Chicago for this year’s event. Attendees are here from around the world–I’ve already met delightful individuals from both Italy and India.

One of the interesting things I sometimes hear from people in my industry is that SHRM isn’t the conference where the “decision makers” are. I’d argue with that. See, everyone’s a decision maker, even if you’re not one today. I have been there as an...


Find Your Zen #SHRM18

How many times have you had an employee in your office, frustrated and telling you in no uncertain terms that they can't work with a certain person on their team or in their office? They can tell you exactly what the other person does on an hour-to-hour basis that drives them absolutely crazy, and how it's a barrier to their success. And what do they want at the end of the day? That other person has to go. 

But how often does the complaining employee also talk about the things that THEY can do...


#SHRM18: Back to Roots


This week, I am attending the SHRM National Conference in Chicago, where I am both speaking AND covering the event as part of the SHRM Blogging Group. Follow us on Twitter with #SHRM18 and #SHRM18Bloggers.

On the walkway between my hotel and the convention center (I refuse to call it a “pedway”) there are a series of posters highlighting different neighborhoods in Chicago – Lincoln Park, Hyde Park, the Loop, etc. It’s a nice nod to the location and the posters are colorful and eye-catching.


A Global Stage for HR’s Perspective on Workplace Harassment


People and workplace issues are global and, increasingly, so is the business of HR. Around the world, workplace policy is increasingly influenced by governments, employers and workers at the international level. I just returned from the International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva, Switzerland where I was a member of the delegation sent by the United States to develop a new United Nations (UN) convention on violence and harassment in the workplace.

The ILC is an annual meeting hosted by the UN’s International Labour Organization (ILO). Uniquely, the ILC brings together delegations made up of government, employers and workers from...


#SHRM18 Experience, So Far…(PART 1)


I have attended numerous conferences in the past, but nothing is like SHRM18.  Last year, I attended the SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference in San Francisco and that was an amazing experience.  Well, SHRM18 my friends is awesome, but I’ll admit can be overwhelming (in a good way, of course).  There are roughly 20,000 people in Chicago for the SHRM Annual Conference that have traveled far and wide (South Africa, Australia, India, etc.) - WOW!!!!

This has truly been a wonderful experience. I want to take this opportunity to thank SHRM, Mary Kaylor...


How Can Employers Help End the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health Issues? #SHRM18


In recent weeks there has been a renewed focus on mental health issues, especially in light of a couple of high-profile celebrity suicides. Professional athletes like Kevin Love of the Cleveland Cavaliers and other luminaries have also been forthright in talking about their own issues with mental health.

These events have prompted conversations and articles, and an awareness that depression, anxiety and other challenges can strike anyone. It’s something that affects tens of millions of Americans. But there remains a stigma attached to...


Chronicles of Hebert – #SHRM18 Afternoon Musings June 18, 2018

Chronicles of Hebert – Day 2 Mid-Morning

“It’s obvious that the SHRM attendee fondness for ethyl alcohol is only matched by their addiction to caffeine. Every legal stimulant dealer in the area presents a minimum 20-minute wait for service. And wait they do. Like dutiful soldiers. You can almost hear their synchronized footsteps moving forward – one latte at a time.

My caffeine...