Reducing Anxiety by Helping Employees Deal With Uncertainty



Few things cause more anxiety than the unknown, and few things generate more unknowns than our modern workplaces.

From the younger workers we interviewed, we found uncertainty was leading to a generation in perpetual angst—even before the pandemic. Ashley, a 26-year-old in financial services, told us her anxiety is tied to the stability of her company and her job. “My generation’s experience has been affected by what’s happened over the past 20 years: 9/11, people got laid off; the crash of 2008, the same thing. Now it’s AI and robots...


5 Steps to Admitting a Mistake



Mistakes. We’ve all made them. Things like missing deadlines, going over budget, botching a product release or even yelling at a client. In most cases, however, it’s not the mistake itself, but how you handle the aftermath that can either cause severe career damage or all but disappear.

Beyond fessing up to a mistake, I’ve put together a list of steps you can take to right your wrong.

Be sincere in your apology.

Half-hearted apologies that imply it was someone else’s fault typically backfire. When you make a mistake, the most...


Spring is Underway: Bloom a New Talent Strategy Inclusive of People with Criminal Records


As the weather gets warmer, it’s an opportune time as HR practitioners and employers to do a little “spring cleaning” to remove old misconceptions and bias, replenish with new and forward-thinking strategies around hiring and retaining top talent and to explore innovative ways to build a talent pipeline for the future. We encourage you to implement a more inclusive hiring strategy – one that is open to job seekers with criminal records. 

One in Three Working-age Adults Have a Criminal Record

Did you know there is an untapped pool of candidates of...


Now More Than Ever, SHRM Will Help You Shape the Future of Work


As the world gets back to work, we know it won’t be business as usual. HR leaders are the ones who will put workplaces back together—with better-than-ever-before practices and policies that will help employers and employees thrive.

This is a key opportunity for our profession—and the purpose of our new Now More Than Ever resource platform launching today. As an HR practitioner, you’ve spent the past year demonstrating how vital your role is to the business. You worked around the clock, took unprecedented measures to keep your...


Now More Than Ever - The future of diversity and inclusion leadership: the new HR and the WHY for sustainable progress




Complaining about HR’s work in diversity is rather “on-trend.” Some social media posts and articles call HR too compliance-oriented, too legalistic. Others call it too soft. One commenter complained that HR shot down their brilliant plan “to fire old people and hire young people.” In this case - kudos, HR.

HR is not perfect, but there is a saying: the only people not making mistakes are those doing nothing. HR can’t be accused of idleness. But there are ways to do better, and now more...


Now More Than Ever - HR's Unique Opportunity

Now more than ever….

The world of work has changed. One could argue that farming in 10,000 BCE in ancient Mesopotamia – the cradle of civilization - or the domestication of animals, the Renaissance, the printing press, the Industrial Revolution, the assembly line, the internet, and mobile devices all changed how humanity operates.

Every one of those milestones expanded the workforce. Today, however, things are different. Hopefully, this is a temporary setback, but the “have’s” and the “have nots” no longer just applies to wealth – it’s those that have work vs. those that don’t. The pandemic has changed...


Now More Than Ever -- HR: Facing Today’s Challenges Head On


It is an understatement to say that 2020 was a challenging year for everyone. While the world faced a global pandemic, fear, and uncertainty; so many individuals stepped up to answer the call and face these challenges head-on. This included most importantly our dedicated healthcare workers, heroic first responders, and countless essential workers across so many industries that worked tirelessly to keep our infrastructure and quite frankly, our way of life functioning. We owe these front-line workers a great deal of thanks and gratitude now and always.

Behind the scenes, human resource professionals were assisting their organizations to maintain...


HR Professionals Couldn’t Be Tired … Could We?



HR professionals are exhausted. Over the last year or so, those in HR have faced numerous workplace challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, protests and civil unrest, equity and inclusion, workplace shootings, and the list goes on. Leaders and employees have looked to us to set an example and to be calm, cool and collected. The truth is that HR professionals deal with emotions, angst and uneasiness just like anyone else. However, we are tasked with finding a balance so that we can serve our leadership and employees to the...


Upskilling and Reskilling: Developing the Skills Within An Interview with CEO of Pindel Global Precision


The workplace currently presents some new challenges in need of innovative solutions. According to NFIB’s monthly jobs report, March 2021, 42 percent of small business owners reported job openings they could not fill, a record which is 20 points higher “than the 48-year historical average”. [i]Certain skills roles such as system architects, software developers, data analysts are in high demand. The competition for these roles has driven pay higher and made hiring more difficult. This results in another form of labor shortage.[ii]Additionally, in a February...


Words Have Power (Sometimes the Simpler the Better)



Ever hear someone say we need to "strive for perfection", or how about "pursue excellence"? Don't get me wrong, these are great phrases and can be inspirational in many cases. I don't know about you, but when I hear the word 'strive' I instantly get a picture of struggling and sweating to make something happen and I'm usually in an unflattering outfit. Kinda like that spinning class, I tried once (now there's a story, but I'll save that one for another time).

I know, I know, some of you are already thinking I've lost...