Post Resignation, My New Normal Is Anything but Normal



This is the second in an essay series about making great, big, career leaps of faith without both fear and a safety net. In the first, I told personal stories of career pivots while sharing that people should not let fear limit their potential. I encouraged elective unemployment if the outcome meant living a better, richer, and fulfilled life.

I also took great care to discourage emotional decision making and shared that walking away from a paycheck is not a decision one should make lightly. Finally, I promised that...


The Big Game


My colleague Nick recently posted on social media that he received a text from a former lacrosse teammate, and they spoke about their last game together. What he gleaned from that conversation is how much he misses going to battle on the lacrosse field every day with his team.

But then he had a revelation.

He still does go to battle with teammates each day, only in a different way—in a business setting.

Maybe you’ve played team sports—maybe you haven’t. Maybe you are a sports fan, or maybe you get together...


2020 Goals for Small Businesses Who Put Employees First



Of course, we had to start the year with a goals/resolution type post. Are you even a blogger if you don’t?

In all seriousness, I start here for one big reason. I don’t hear many small business leaders talking about their people-related goals. If I ask, they will tell me how many people they want to hire or an area where they may want to improve skill sets. Beyond that, they haven’t given much thought to goals specific to current employees.

If this is you, here are a few ideas....


The Printing Press and Micro-Credentialing



While the printing press and movable type were used in China in the 9th century, and inventors such as Bi Sheng and Wang Chen are credited with great advances in printed text, it is Johannes Gutenberg whose name is most affiliated with the printing press. In 1450, Gutenberg started experimenting, using metal instead of wood – and developed his own ink that would affix to metal. In 1452, Gutenberg started producing printed copies of the Bible. This had a profound effect throughout Europe.

Monks, who had been hand illuminating the...


Roll Up Your Sleeves And Learn How Advocacy Can Make An Impact

My name is Sean McIntosh. I joined the SHRM Government Affairs Member Advocacy Team last August after two years working as a Senate staffer on Capitol Hill. My passion for change goes back to my high school days as a volunteer at SHRM conferences, and then throughout my college career as president of George Mason University’s SHRM student chapter!

Did you know, that over an astonishing 33 percent of today's workforce is composed of young professionals? I believe we are uniquely positioned to make a tremendous impact on behalf of the...


I Just Voluntarily Resigned. Now What?


Don't let fear stop you from making meaningful career shifts.

Last week, I shared news of my voluntary resignation from my job. On the heels of this announcement, I was shocked by the number of people who came forward to express their utter astonishment at my decision to exit without something already lined up and went on to share their own stories of wanting a career change but being too afraid to do it. 

What struck me immediately was the urge I felt to use my career shift story to help and inform others...


Developing the Mindset for Inclusive Leadership


Efforts to reduce workplace bias and inclusion have become widespread, yet the demographics of leadership positions at most organizations remain unchanged. 

Research demonstrates that organizations with diverse representation and inclusive practices perform better. Last year The Wall Street Journal analyzed companies in the S&P 500 and reported that the 20 most diverse companies not only have better-operating results on average than the lowest-scoring firms, but their shares generally outperform those of the least diverse firms. Yet the understanding of the value of diversity and inclusion is not translating into inclusive company cultures or...


The Power and Energy of Empathy

Empathy is a platform for relationship, not encouragement to wallow in slime pits.

Solid relationships strengthen people.

Strong people perform better than weak.

Remind people of their strength by asking about past success.

The power of empathy:

The purpose of empathy is to strengthen people, not affirm weakness.

People feel stronger when they feel understood. Telling someone, “That must be...