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#Nextchat: Strategic Employee Benefits

There are few HR topics that garner more media attention than employee benefits

A simple Google search of “employee benefits” yields more than 429 million results.

Paid family leave, workplace flexibility and health care now dominate the conversation in Washington, D.C., and in our workplaces, and employee benefits continues to be among the most popular topics at SHRM.

The recent 2017 SHRM study on Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement found that benefits were a significant factor in employees’ decision to stay with or leave an organization.



Welcome to the Age of Open Talent


HR professionals today have to face a hard reality: your hard-won employees, at any moment, could walk. According to our research at LinkedIn, 90% of professionals are interested in hearing about new job opportunities. This means that today everyone is a candidate, regardless of whether they’re actively looking for a new job.

Recently at the 2017 SHRM annual conference, I had the honor of presenting on the topic of recruiting and retaining great people in the age of ‘Open Talent.’ So what’s driving more of an open talent mindset?...


Reduce Employee Financial Stress



More American workers are living paycheck to paycheck than ever before, just making ends meet. Nearly three-fourths have less than $1,000 saved; and 34 percent have nothing in savings. Student loan debt totals over $1.3 trillion among some 44.2 million borrowers in the U.S. Unexpected expenses are not budgeted for and people are placing themselves at great financial risk.

As HR practitioners, we need to recognize that people are struggling financially – and that it is taking a toll not only on them personally, but also in the workplace. There...


Future Friday: Older Workers as the Solution to Unfilled Jobs?

Millennial this, millennial that. Advertisements for products to hide gray hair or wrinkling skin. Slogans like “60 is the new 40.” Increasing charges of age discrimination. All these factors indicate that the U.S. is stuck in a youth oriented society. The problem is that perception drives employers to ignore older workers, often to the detriment of the company.

Older workers a rising force

The BLS, according to the Pew Research Center, projects that by 2022 67.5% of workers 55-64 years in age will remain in the workforce. A study...


Your Hiring Manager Hates Your Top Candidate? Eat a Chicken Nugget


My pal and FOT contributor, Tim Sackett, wrote a blog post called Sackett’s Top 10 Fast Food Foods Of All Time. It spoke to me.  I’m not ashamed to say I love fast food.  I’m smart enough to only consume small quantities, but damn it, I’m ‘merican. 

However, there was a great omission from this top list.  Tim omitted the greatest of all fast food items > McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.  I was shocked. I couldn’t sleep and dare I say couldn’t eat. Ok, that is a big fat lie, I...

Be Present


Our world, and our lives, seem like they are nothing but an endless chain of distractions. Items rarely catch our attention for more than mere seconds at a time. If fact, it's a bit ironic to write this observation on a blog that may get read and possibly shared, liked or retweeted - but only for a moment.

I'm not complaining. It's our reality regardless of age or background. We seek instant knowledge and instant recognition. Because of this immensely rapid pace, we miss the majority of what is actually happening around us. That is especially true when it...


#Nextchat RECAP: Advice for the Next Generation of HR

On July 12, @shrmnextchat chatted with SHRM Young Professional Council's Jillian Caswell and Staci McArter about Advice for the Next Generation of HR.

In case you missed this excellent chat filled with great career tips for new HR pros, you can see all the tweets here:




How can HR Help Business Embrace the Future?


How well connected you are used to be measured by the number of physical handshakes you made throughout your business life. Today your ‘social currency’ is your digital footprint.

How many digital connections, followers or friends have you accumulated through your social media platforms?  Yes, platforms as in plural.  It doesn’t count if you have a Facebook account to keep tabs on the kids and post photos of Sunday’s cafe breakfast!

Global communication and collaboration has never been easier and building networks has never been more powerful.

In 2016, we took a...


Your Career Q&A: Social Media and Networking Tips for Job-Seeking Introverts



Social media can be the key to landing a job. Best-selling author Martin Yate, a career coach and former HR professional, takes your questions each week about how to further your career in HR. Contact him at the e-mail address at the end of this column.

I'm one of three HR administrators for a small college in New England. Though I like my job and co-workers and have earned excellent performance reviews over the last 10 years, I'm ready to take on the challenges of a new job in HR....


The Digital World of HR Innovation



How do you go about innovating new solutions within your organisation (or the organisations you work with)? Recently I’ve had some great discussions on this issue, as the impact of global ways of working further permeates into our every day.

When innovating, tailoring a solution to your own organisation’s unique set of challenges and its context is critical, along with scanning the newest research and seeing how your competitors, or innovative organisations are solving similar issues.

Gathering intelligence from what other organisations are doing used to look like:

  • ...