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Communication: Advancing our Humanity in the Digital World



Humans have walked the earth for 20,000 years. One could argue that until the time of the Lascaux Cave paintings in France in 17,000 BCE, the only way for humans to communicate was to stand face to face and speak (grunt) directly.. We have a rich history – from cave paintings to tablet etchings, smoke signals, hieroglyphs, the Rosetta Stone, Gutenberg’s press, telegraph, telephone, and now the Internet, web browsers, SMS – with virtual reality on the horizon.

The 21st century has brought amazing new technologies –great advances, that have...


Words of Wisdom: Discovering a Different Diversity


People’s past mistakes shouldn’t preclude their future successes.


Coming of age in the 1960s shaped my perspective. I lived through some of the defining events of the 20th century: the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., the civil rights movement, the Beatles, Vietnam, Richard Nixon, the anti-war movement, Watergate, and Neil Armstrong’s walk on the moon. Against this backdrop, I graduated from Cornell University with a degree in industrial and labor relations and entered the world of HR. I’ve witnessed a great deal of...


Top 3 Things HR Leaders Can Do to Impact Retention in 2018


  1. Renewed focus on learning systems- This is an important shift in the last 18 months.  For a few years, we were seeing decline in interest in learning systems.  This is partly due to to HR leaders focus on new HRIS systems in general.  Now that HR leaders have greater understanding about the direction of HR technology and it’s becoming more mainstream, learning and how to modernize it are the focus.  Analysts are shifting research attention there.  Vendors are also reconsidering spending on learning system development.  It’s about creating learning systems that provide
  2. ...

Social Networking & Twitter Chats for HR



When I first came on to the professional world, I heard a lot of talk about Networking. You need to network. It’s good for your career. It will help you find your *dream job*. But it always seemed so complicated and for someone else. I was never quite sure how it applied to me. I’d, more often than not, rather stay home with a glass of wine than go out and have to meet and interact with STRANGERS. Then I’d have to remember their name and figure out how to...


Top 3 Mistakes Employers Make with the Unemployment Insurance Process


by Anthony Paradiso and Todd Cohen


When faced with terminating an employee, it’s sometimes a struggle for employers to know the nuances of the Unemployment Insurance (UI) system. As they go through the complicated UI process, they should be sure they don’t make any of these employer mistakes:

MISTAKE #1: Employer is not willing to educate themselves about the UI process because they don’t currently see it as worthwhile. 

Not everyone can predict the future success of their employees. At some point, somewhere along the line, mistakes will be made...


Combating Sexual Harassment – A Game Plan for HR


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In the midst of all of the justifiable community outrage, and big policy discussions around gender, diversity, culture and the role of HR in combatting sexual harassment in organizations, there is a multitude of voices straining to be heard. They come from business leaders, asking what it is their organizations can do today to begin to solve this problem and to keep it at bay. Some are even asking-could this be happening in our organization without us being aware of it?

What can HR professionals do to address...


Sexual Harassment and the 'Great Awakening': Now What?

Presenters: Victoria Lipnic, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; and Jonathan A. Segal, Duane Morris LLP 
View live: January 17, 2018, 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT (available for on-demand viewing through May 2017)

Program length: 60 minutes

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Because they had well-established policies and practices in place, many employers believed they had adequately addressed sexual harassment in their workplace. But a series of high-profile harassment allegations against leading figures in entertainment, the media, business and politics has served as a wakeup call for HR professionals, senior leaders,...


Want to Hire Employees with Grit? Ask this Interview Question



As someone who’s built, managed, and now advises hundreds of global talent acquisition teams, one question that repeatedly comes up is: How can we hire for “grit” - that quality of tenacity that ensures your next hire will stick it out through the good and bad times. 

And there will be bad times. We’ve all faced them ranging from a bad company quarter (or two or three) to a company acquisition.  In an era of over-inflated resumes and LinkedIn profiles how can you make sure the next hire isn’t just...


Employees Enjoy Benefits of the Holiday Season All Year Long at Flexible Workplaces



When Work Works Winners Get Creative with Time-Off and Teambuilding 


Most employees enjoy extra leave around the holiday season. In fact, 15 percent of organizations close their offices during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, according to the SHRM 2017 Holiday Schedules Survey. However, resourceful HR professionals, who create inventive benefits and implement effective workflex practices on a daily basis, can offer their employees more paid leave opportunities, teambuilding and other perks all year long.

Workflex is vital to an effective workplace and yields positive results...