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Designing the Inclusive Employee Experience: Q & A with Joe Gerstandt #SHRM18


Full disclosure: I’ve been internet fan-girling over Joe Gerstandt for a while now. Why, you may ask. Well, his Twitter bio says, in part, “I speak, write, advise on issues related to Authenticity, Diversity, Inclusion…and I do it well.”  If you’ve been following me on any social media channel, you’ll know those are the top HR/workplace issues I’m interested in. Finding someone who always has something insightful to say on them, and actually interacts with people, was a treat. Thus, a Joe Gerstandt fangirl I became.



#SHRM18 – Q & A Session with Rusty Lindquist


I’ve been in HR for just over a decade now, but one of the biggest changes I’ve seen in my short time in the industry is the emergence, and evolution of the “Business Partner” aspect that comes along with being called an Human Resources Business Partner.  With the continued evolution of the HR profession, more automation, and organizations embracing more technology to streamline some of the repetitive HR tasks; now, more than ever it’s important to truly align and understand the business so we could better partner with our leadership teams...


Day One at #SHRMTalent


I’m here at #SHRMTalent in Las Vegas and hanging out at the Smart Stage this afternoon as I’m in the mood for smaller deep dive sessions. SHRM’s Smart Stage is a neat way to gather the goods – 18 minute presentations from Subject Matter Experts who give you just enough to think about.

This afternoon I sat in Jason Lauritsen’s session on work relationships. In this session, Jason challenges the audience to consider the six elements of any good relationship: Communication, Support, Acceptance, Appreciation, Commitment and Time. He, in a very short amount of time, explained how the...


#SHRM18 Expo Vendor Spotlight: Q&A with Forbes School of Business and Technology at Ashford University



As many others in our HR Tribe, I’m looking forward to using the Expo Hall at #SHRM18 to evaluate potential resources in expanding my world – specifically so with higher education. I’m sure I’m not alone in aspiring to continue walking the path as a lifelong learner, but doing so while juggling a full-time job, supporting our professional association, keeping up with family and friends, and supervising two very rambunctious fur babies keeps my calendar more than full. Distance education can sometimes be the best option to pursue for many...


Thank You SHRM Volunteer Leaders #NVW2018


Each year as National Volunteer Week approaches we think about how to express our gratitude to our 6,000+ SHRM Volunteer Leaders—each year this task seems more difficult than the year before.

SHRM Volunteer Leaders give their time, hard work, dedication, passion and heart to advancing the HR profession and for that we are eternally grateful. During this National Volunteer Week 2018 we wanted to find a special way to express our thanks.

View the video below—our thanks to the amazing, talented and selfless SHRM volunteers.




Professional Certification -- The Journey



I’m here at SHRM Talent 2018 and this morning, SHRM announced its new certification specifically for talent acquisition professionals. It seems fitting that I post this blog as certification is on my mind. I hope you are inspired by it.

For the past thirteen years or so, I have helped HR professionals prepare for their certification exams through the support of my local SHRM Chapter. I began this work because I had such a hard time studying on my own for the SPHR. I vowed to help others...


Future-Proofing Your Skills for an Automated Workplace


skills future proofIn a recent interview, I heard motivational speaker Jon Acuff tell the interviewer that he sincerely hopes that nobody looks for their dream job as their first “real” job. Instead, he explained, that first job is there primarily to teach someone how to have a job.

How to deal with people. How to handle pressure. How to solve problems.

Those and other similar soft skills will be increasingly important as the workplace sees increasing automation...


The Labor We Love


When I joined the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) as its Chief of Staff in January, I trusted that I would enjoy the work, but worried I wouldn’t develop a passion for the work. I was wrong.

I discovered almost immediately how meaningful this work is, and why it is so loved by the people who do it. In my old world, I spent years advocating for access to higher education. HR professionals open that next door. They provide access to employment. Both are so important....


#SHRM18: Expanding My World by Eliminating a Word



I just cannot believe how quickly June is creeping up on us! Like many #SHRM18 attendees, I am just over the moon with enthusiasm to learn from keynote speakers and attending sessions vital to evolve our profession. Hopefully, I’ll spend just a few hours winding through the maze of the Expo Hall. My biggest hope however, is just that I’ll be able to gracefully engage with brand new faces and continue to grow my professional network. So, how do I intend to expand my world at #SHRM18? My plans...


#SHRM18 Interview with SHRM Chief Global Development Officer Nick Schacht

Nick Schacht is a highly experienced executive with more than three decades of experience in professional services, education, and corporate learning and development.  He has a history of driving product innovation, growth and profitability and he has led organizations operating worldwide.  

Nick is Chief Global Development Officer for SHRM, the world's largest HR professional society. Before joining SHRM, Nick was the founder and CEO of KnowCyber, a learning and development company focused on improving the cybersecurity-related skills of people in all types of organizations worldwide. Prior to...