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Ghosting can occur in many parts of the candidate/employee lifecycle. Three points in time specifically stand out to me - the applicant, the candidate, and the new hire – where HR partners, recruiters and hiring managers can make some changes to minimize their chances of being ghosted. What is common between all three of these? The importance of timely communication! 

The Applicant 

Online job boards make it so easy for people to just click and apply. When I get an applicant from one of these sites that look good, I'm excited, but not that hopeful. I'll...


#Nextchat RECAP: The Trends that are Transforming HR Tech in 2018


On August 8, @shrmnextchat chatted with HR Happy Hour Show host and HR Technology Conference Co-Chairman Steve Boese (@steveboese) about The Trends that are Transforming HR Tech in 2018

In case you missed this informative chat on HR tech trends, you can read all the tweets here:




Using Analytics to Drive Gender Equality - An Interview with Stephanie Lampkin

Stephanie Lampkin, TEDx speaker and former downhill ski racer, has graced the cover of The Atlantic, MIT Tech Review 35 under 35 and Forbes to name a few. She is the founder & CEO of Blendoor, enterprise software that mitigates unconscious bias in hiring. Stephanie has had a 15 year career in the tech industry founding two startups and working in technical roles at Lockheed, Microsoft, and TripAdvisor. Stephanie holds a BS in Management Science &Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from MIT. Born in SE Washington, DC...


Live Blog Recertification Live Chat

Live Blog Recertification Live Chat

What’s all the Hubbub about Medicare for All?





As an HR professional with 20+ years of experience, including benefits management, I’m perplexed when I hear from proponents for a government run or “Medicare for all” type health care system. Currently, over 178 million Americans receive health coverage through their employer. This is 18x the amount of people who receive coverage through Medicare, Medicaid and the Exchanges of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) combined. 

Providing access and affordable health insurance to all Americans has already proven to be challenging for the government. To add, individuals who have...


Employer-Sponsored Health Plans versus the Potential of a Government-sponsored plan – What’s the Answer?




As an HR practitioner with more than 35 years of experience in benefits design, I often wonder if there was an easier way to administer health care in our country.  I quickly talk myself out of that thinking, especially working in California.

Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal and replace efforts are off the table for the foreseeable future, there’s a new health care debate taking shape in...


On the Menu: Employer-Sponsored Coverage or Medicare for All Health Insurance  



Following last year’s failed efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA), supporters for “Medicare for all” or a government health care system are turning up the heat... and, it’s not because it’s HOT this summer in Washington, DC.  

There is growing support among Democrats and Independents that health care is a right, not a privilege and government should intervene. One-third of Democratic senators and about 60 percent of Democrats in the House have endorsed a “Medicare for all” bill. Six of the senators supportive of Medicare...


Episode 26 - Jon & Wendy talk to Gemma Toth


We're joined by Gemma Toth, owner of All in HR Services Consulting in Omaha, NE.  We talk about challenges she's encountered in her career, being part of the #SHRM18 Blog Squad, and Wendy talks about her birthday plans (don't worry, I don't sing to her).  

Gemma's recommendations: (Jonathan Segal)


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A Very De Minimis De Minimis FLSA Exemption



As a general rule, employers must pay non-exempt employees for all time that they work (broadly defined) and that includes getting ready for work (preliminary activities) and finishing work (postliminary activities).  As discussed below, there is a de minimis exemption under federal law (FLSA).

In a recent case involving Starbucks, the California Supreme Court held the de minimis exemption was not available under California state law under the facts of the case.  If and when the de minimis exemption may be available under California state law will be decided in future...


Why You Should Network ASAP #ClaireShares



The summer in between graduating high school and starting college, my Dad "made me" take a summer job with a friend of his at a local non-profit in Buffalo. I would be helping out while someone was on leave by filing, stuffing envelopes, mailing new hire packets, answering incoming calls, taking meeting minutes, you name it. I came in every day and did what I was asked to. After a few weeks, I learned that if I listened to everything going on around me, and then offered to help/meet a...