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The Many Costs of Fragmentation



In my 30 years of experience as an organization design practitioner, I’ve observed how commonly fragmented thinking occurs in business today. It has become ingrained into all aspects of organizations. It is a hangover from the Taylorist view of breaking work down into small, (supposedly) easier to manage and measure chunks. This ends up being formalized into organizational ways of working, structure, measurement and even rewards. Individuals and teams try to maximize performance in their small fragment – often at the expense of performance upstream and downstream – losing sight...


Organizational Change



I have a fun activity for everyone. I would like for you to raise your hand if you have ever experienced organizational change? Is your hand raised? I know mine is. Organizational change could be anything from a reorg of your company, reduction in force, acquisitions, mergers, growth investments, etc.

My company is currently going through a growth investment, which is similar to an acquisition/merger, but we’re told it’s slightly different. A growth investment is a type of investment strategy that concentrates on increasing the value of the financial assets....


Transforming HR While you Transact with Technology



While busy evaluating the talent match-up of a potential transaction in the digital era, HR professionals should also glance in the mirror at their own approach to the digital age. Back in 2016, the global EY organization conducted a study that found 65% of HR rules-based processes have the potential to be automated. This year, a survey jointly conducted by the EY organization, DDI and the Conference Board found that about 70% of HR professionals saw an increased need to up their game in applying HR technology and analytical skills,...


#Nextchat RECAP: Preparing for Open Enrollment Success

On October 17, @shrmnextchat chatted with Michelle Kohlhof (@MKohlHR), director of human resources with ExecuTech Strategic Consulting about Preparing for Open Enrollment Success.  

If you missed this excellent chat filled with great tips and advice for an efficient and successful open enrollment, you can read all the tweets here:




#SHRMDiv Speaker Spotlight: Q & A with Shirley Davis, Ph.D., CSP


I have come to the end of my interviews with some of the amazing presenters for the SHRM Diversity and Inclusion Conference (#SHRMDiv). To provide some context, I got the opportunity to interview some #SHRMDiv speakers in the course of deciding on which sessions to attend. As a first-time attendee, I really wanted to gain an insight into the conference and learn more about the speakers. The first post can be found here and the second, here.

The final edition of...


Should Employees be Paid for Commuting Time?



An interesting piece of research on publicly available WiFi access in England led to a question that made me pause. Should employees be paid for commuting time?

As someone that travels a fair bit for work, I know the value of being able to connect and work from any number of strange locations–restaurants, hotel lobbies, airports, etc. But what about the commutes that make up a significant part of the day for so many workers? From the piece:

Interviews with customers revealed why internet access was as important for commuters as business travellers.


National Work and Family Month Highlights the Importance of Effective Work-Life Fit



Flexibility to meet the dual demands of work and family life is a necessary component of the 21st Century workplace. October was designated as National Work and Family Month by the U.S. Senate in 2003, highlighting the increasing demands on employees as they try to achieve the effective work-life fit.

This month is a good time for HR professionals to get creative with flexible programs, or workflex, that, not only help reconcile work-life issues, but also support a positive workplace culture where employees can successfully meet their goals. HR experts,...


Choose Positive


A new workweek is upon us. I’m sure it’s going to be filled with both challenges and opportunities. If you’re like most people, you probably feel that the challenges far outweigh the opportunities. That may not be the case, but it gives you the illusion that you’re going to be better at your job because you feel that solving problems is why you exist.

I think taking this position is difficult personally. If our days our chock full of a majority of challenges, then how can we see any glimmer of hope? I don’t mean to make light of...


#Nextchat: Planning for Open Enrollment Success



Open enrollment is one of the most important times of the year for organizations; however, complex and ongoing changes to health care and retirement plans can create confusion that leads to poor choices. With proper planning, employers can develop communication strategies to help employees make the best selections for their wellness and future financial security.


Communication is key to a successful open enrollment. And when it comes to developing a benefits communications strategy that will engage your employees, creating messages that resonate with your audience is critical to that...


#ChellesHRCollection: The Culture Code Book Review, Part One



It’s been four months since #SHRM18, and among the new friends that I made while in Chicago, I still reflect on the sessions that I attended. Culture was a focus area that left me wanting to learn more! So, I started reading The Culture Code, by Daniel Coyle. With so many books about culture, this one walks you through what it takes for an organization to build an incredible culture (with real examples). As Coyle...