3 Training Sessions Every Leader Must Attend



Clearly, I am a bit proponent of training and development. Particularly when it comes to leadership development. I fully believe the more leaders are given development opportunities, the better the organization overall.

I will fight anyone to the death who feels differently.

Many times businesses, especially smaller organizations, feel they don’t have the time or budget to implement any type of training. They also think that their smaller size automatically promotes open communication and deeper relationships so what do they have to develop anyway?

A lot.

Even if a full leadership development...


Get Ready for Open Enrollment!



Companies are preparing to kick off open enrollment for their employees to choose their workplace benefits. Health, vision, dental, life insurance ... even pet insurance may be up for grabs. 

How can HR professionals best communicate with employees about their choices, when many workers are unfamiliar with the language and concepts of benefits offerings? What's the best way to help employees through open enrollment season?

Take a look at our primer below for ways to start the conversation, and at our glossary of common (and commonly misunderstood) terms. Our news articles offer...


#Nextchat RECAP: That Wasn't My Intention! -- A Coaching Framework to Close the Gap Between Intention and Impact

On August 28, @shrmnextchat chatted with executive coach and keynote speaker Sarah Noll Wilson @sarahnollwilson about A Coaching Framework to Close the Gap Between Intention and Impact

If you missed this excellent chat about the coaching connection between intention and impact, you can read all the tweets here or below: 





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#Nextchat: That Wasn't My Intention! -- A Coaching Framework to Close the Gap Between Intention and Impact




Most people wake up intending to do good work and to make a positive difference—not to be a barrier to success. Yet sometimes there is a gap between our intention and our impact.

Self-awareness and communication are essential for converting intention to impact, but there is more managers can learn and do to effectively coach employees and help them do great work.

Thoughtfulness and empathy go a long way in learning to understand the intentions of others in your workplace and ironing out the communication wrinkles that can unfavorably influence...


Someone Needs to Hear This: Put More White Space on Your Calendar



We, as a society, have morphed into a celebration of busyness. Don’t believe me? Take a look at your calendar, and tell me how much white space there is…Now tell me how much peace vs. pressure you feel not to occupy the white space?

A few things happen when we pack our calendars and to-do lists to the point of capacity: We leave no margin for the ability to spend extra time as wanted or needed, we leave no room for the last minute “must do now” project or conversation,...


Monday Funday



For years I've questioned research that reflects three of four people dislike their job. From the trenches in Silicon Valley, I'd say the majority of the people with whom I work enjoy what they do. Sure, we'd all prefer to be on the beach but sand between your toes gets annoying too. Most people when asked aren't going to jump for joy at the prospect of explaining "what they do (for a living)." Still, we all get up, get out and make it work.

I'd say disengagement doesn't necessarily spell complete...


Jumping Back Into the Workforce, at Mid-Life



Q: I’m a 50-something looking to re-enter the workforce after a decade-long absence during which I was a “trailing spouse”. My husband’s career had us relocating every couple of years; during that time I also received my Ph.D. I’m concerned about explaining the “gap” in my work history given that most online applications are first reviewed by computer algorithms. I’m also concerned about listing my Ph.D. – afraid it will scare people away.  My last professional job was as an Executive Assistant to a CEO. Any advice is appreciated....


Focus on Skills to Hire and Retain Top Talent





Business is booming and it’s time to add a new member to the team. You want someone who has the right experience and wants to grow within your organization. But, traditional ways to source candidates may not be working so well, given today’s tapped-out talent pool and stiff market competition.

The good news is there’s a better way. Changing just one word can shift your entire recruitment strategy, helping you beat the...