#Nextchat: Getting Talent Back to Work with Second Chance Hiring



Every year, nearly 700,000 people are released from prison. Unfortunately, these individuals can find themselves locked out of the job market due to outdated employment practices that continue to present barriers to their hiring. With the unemployment rate below 4 percent, however, this is no longer a practical strategy for organizations.

The First Step Act, signed into law in December 2018, aims to reduce sentences for nonviolent offenders in federal prisons and improve programs to reduce recidivism, including workforce readiness. Employers who struggle to fill positions in a job...


The Grand Poobah at Work



Let’s take a journey back to the Flintstones in Bedrock. Think of the Grand Poobah (without putting on your hat).

Now, no reasonable leader would ever refer to themselves as an employee’s Grand Poobah. Actually, some do much worse.

I was reading a memo by someone with power to an employee who reported to him. The employee had refused defiantly, without any justification, to perform multiple tasks required of him.

In response to a classic case of in-your-face insubordination, the person...


Gearing Up for #SHRMTalent with Erin M. Stevens

I have a confession to make: I’m a SHRM Talent newbie! That’s right! In my almost 11 (or is it 12?) years of recruiting, I have yet to attend this recruiting-focused event where I can grow my talent knowledge and network with some of the best of the best! Thankfully, it’s just right down the road from me this year in good ole Nashville, TN and I’m headed south!

As any conference nerd will tell you, I quickly jumped online to peruse offered sessions and who I could fangirl...


Making the Case for Pay Transparency


Recommending to senior leadership that your organization increase pay transparency can be a difficult sell for HR professionals. However, pay transparency is a strategic move that delivers measurable business benefits – and it’s an issue on which HR should lead. 

It is important to understand that most executives in America today rose through organizational ranks that viewed compensation as a private matter. Few within organizations had access to salary information, and even fewer talked about it. As a result, many leaders still believe it is appropriate to dissuade or prohibit employees...


How to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude Towards Employees



Many companies plan to boost employee engagement in 2019. With benefits for both employees and employers, the strategy is easy to understand. What’s more, a strong employee recognition program can set your company apart in a tight job market.

At Indeed, we find that demonstrating pride in our employees leads them to take pride in our company. A human-centric approach creates a company culture that puts workers first. Employees are more likely to trust (and feel trusted by) companies that recognize their value.

Putting employees first can also pay big...


What Employers Need to Know About Successful Second Chance Hiring


Between the First Step Act  bill being passed and SHRM's efforts towards Getting talent back to work, There are a lot of discussions opening up around second chance hiring. Before, it was pretty standard to assume that if you checked that box of "have you been convicted of a felony," you weren't going to get the job. 

Today, our unemployment rate is the lowest it's ever been - forcing companies to explore untapped talent pools and unlikely candidates. As the Founder of a staffing agency...


The Risk of Mixing Up Integration and Onboarding



Over my last twenty years in HR, I have seen every variation of a typical onboarding program. Many companies don’t have a formal strategy, others have made substantial steps towards onboarding a new leader. But there’s one element that all the onboarding programs I’ve seen have in common – and it’s that traditional onboarding programs alone are putting your company at risk.

It’s a risk to assume a new leader will naturally assimilate into your company’s cultural, functional, organizational dimensions. A typical onboarding program is a tactical snapshot of what...


Seeing the Bigger Picture on Pay Determinations


When I listen to different views about gender pay discrimination, I often flash back to an informative experience in the early days of my career. A man was brought in to do the job I had just been promoted from – at three times my pay. “That’s not fair,” I thought at the time. My immediate reaction turned out to be wrong, and I learned a valuable lesson about seeing the bigger picture when it comes to pay gaps. It also taught me that addressing pay inequities is more of an...


#SHRM19 Speaker Spotlight: Q&A with Tracie Sponenberg


 How to Transform Your HR Department Through Technology, even if Your HR Department is Just You


HR community, meet Tracie Sponenberg! I’m excited to see Tracie speak at the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition this year in Las Vegas. I interviewed Tracie because she and I share an appreciation for helping small businesses meet their strategic HR goals. In my current role, I’ve implemented HR technology, something that was new to me in my career. When I saw Tracie’s topic for #SHRM19, I just knew that I...