Love in the Time of Corona


The other day my daughter shared with me that physical distancing requirements had put a kibosh on her dating life. Sure, the possibility for online connections exist, but this certainly isn’t the same as meeting someone in person and getting to know them through these ongoing in-person encounters. Upon further reflection, I realized that while COVID-19 holds the potential to impact a person’s romantic life in a negative manner, it also holds the opportunity for each of us to welcome love into our lives in ways that we had never...


Preparing Workers for New Technology


Sir Humphry Davy was born in 1778. He was a Cornish chemist and inventor, as well as a prolific poet. In 1802, Davy created the most powerful battery and the first incandescent light. While most of us know Edison as the inventor of the light bulb, it was Davy who broke ground. Davy was knighted in 1812 and was President of the Royal Society in 1820. Sixty years later, Thomas Alva Edison filed a patent for the carbon filament light bulb, creating the first commercially viable instantiation of electric light. It is not possible to capture the impact. Pundits...


5 Facets of the Future Chief People Officer



We are in the Golden Age of the HR profession, and the chief people officer (CPO) is at the helm. Technology and automation are freeing HR leaders from more administrative and process-related work, powering the CPO’s role to guide the organization in designing and implementing the talent strategies and work options needed to fuel future business growth. As technology and innovation in the workplace accelerate, this role becomes increasingly critical; going forward, the power and strength of an organization’s human capital will be what differentiates success from failure.

With a...


How to Stay Mentally Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic



Since the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak became a global concern, the world has experienced a whirlwind of unexpected events and emotions. In every direction I turn to, I get a heartbreaking report about the spread of the virus. I hear about new cases of infected patients, the troubling death rates, and the scarcity of healthcare resources to manage patients.

As if the COVID-19 statistics aren’t bad enough, I also hear about the impact of this pandemic on businesses and their workers. Employers are in panic mode and...


Working from Home When Home Isn’t Safe



In a national effort to contain the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of their employees and communities, countless employers are shuttering their offices, factories, or stores and instructing those employees who can work from home to do so. And with one-fifth of our nation’s employees already working from home, and even more now joining the remote workforce, employers are focusing on important questions such as: “How do I maintain productivity, engagement, and organizational culture in a work from home environment?” and “How can I support employees also...


Combatting #Covid19 Blues by Connecting Your Team with the Kiddie Conference Call


The last few weeks of the Covid19 pandemic have been unlike anything we have seen in the workforce during our lifetime with excellent coverage from SHRM. On top of the health risks of a global pandemic, we are adjusting to entire companies shifting from working alongside each other to working from home. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, schools have closed and working parents are now part-time educators (and tech support for the various educational software systems).

The worlds of work and home have been blended together in a way like never before. The amount of change and...


Confessions of an Amateur Telecommuting Homeschooler - Chapter 2


Taking an academic break from Xbox. 

Chapter 2- The One-Room Schoolhouse Start-Up

A few weeks ago (feeling more like months actually at this point) I wrote that the only piece of advice I could offer during these times would be Don’t Judge Yourself. Look how we’ve taken our homes and turned them into a school and an office – all while trying to keep it as a home. As a telecommuting dad surrounded by elementary, middle and high-school students, work and life...


Paid Leave in the Era of COVID-19



The Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is challenging us all in ways we could never imagine. More employers are reevaluating their paid leave policies to address the spread of COVID-19 and as a part of their business plan.

Until four weeks ago, the national debate focused on addressing paid family leave in the United States. Coming off what was a successful year financially for most employers, business leaders were looking at additional ways to be competitive in a tight labor market. Paid family leave was one benefit revisited time...


HR – A Vital Player in Business Continuity Planning and Execution

I hope you’ll join Richard Lowery, Chris Mullen, and me for the SHRM webinar: Learning from Times of Uncertainty: HR's Critical Role in Business Continuity on Tuesday, April 7, at noon ET. We look forward to having a candid conversation about HR’s vital role in business continuity with the HR community!


I marvel at just how many areas of business we as HR professionals influence. I am awed by the sheer number of challenges we take on in our profession, and how every company is unique in the ways they apply...


COVID-19 Fundamentally Alters U.S. Healthcare



The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is reshaping every aspect of our nation as we know it. One of the most fundamental issues facing Americans in this crisis is the capacity of the health care system.  

The U.S. healthcare system is not perfect, and the coronavirus has exposed additional flaws in the system. For more than a decade, policymakers have floated various ideas for health care reform from Medicare for All, to a public option, to a public-private hybrid plan. The coronavirus crisis provides another opportunity to examine health care reforms...