I'm Not the Only One -- Recognition Builds Confidence



Compliments can be hard to hear. When people of poor self-consideration are challenged to think deeper about the contributions made through their efforts, the responses can run from self-actualization to awkwardness. On the latter end of the spectrum, those exposed to their own impact might find it uncomfortable to hear it, see it and feel it. They may not have been encouraged in their own worth, more than just in work, but perhaps throughout life. Your kindness in sharing a right perspective may not be received so comfortably initially.



Coffee and Convo - The J Way



Each time our team travels for meetings, we always try to connect with some of our local exchange visitors (EVs). Earlier in February, we met five NYC based exchange visitors for breakfast or as I like to call it – “coffee and convo the J way.”The group, while small, was from all over – Mexico, Chile, England, The Netherlands, and Germany. (We also had SHRM Program Manager Gennady Babankov with us, so we can go ahead and check the Russia box too.)

When we meet with exchange visitors, I love hearing...


Does Diversity and Inclusion Training Work?



A few years ago, when I used to work in real estate finance and development, my colleagues and clients oftentimes thought I was either anorexic or an alcoholic. Because I keep kosher, I have a pretty restrictive diet. In order to be able to meet with anyone, wherever they may want, I would often sit in lunch or dinner meetings and enjoy either a Diet Coke or a Heineken. I would casually sip my drink, acting as if it were normal not to order anything else, while everyone at the...


How Intel Designs Intentional Candidate Experiences

Employers have been talking about candidate experience for years, but many of them still struggle to make it better in practical ways. Should they focus on technology? The interview? How the culture is communicated?

Intel has taken a holistic approach to the challenge, intentionally designing specific experiences that attract and engage candidates throughout the hiring funnel and beyond. In this interview, Ben talks with Allyn Bailey about Intel’s strategy for improving the candidate experience and the philosophy behind it, as evidenced by one of Allyn’s comments in the conversation:
“Hiring is about taking people with dreams and aligning them to...


Navarro Cheer Coach, @Monicaaldama, is the Greatest Leader of Our Time!



If you haven’t watched the series, Cheer, on Netflix yet, you must! It’s great.

Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled to watch a series about cheerleading. Just not something I thought I would be interested in, but it’s so much more than a show about cheerleading. It’s about getting to great performance, about inclusion, about leadership, and about how a great leader with a vision and no-how can take any organization to the next level.

For those who haven’t seen Cheer, I’ll give you the quick rundown. Navarro College is a two-year community...


When the Procrastinator Isn’t My Employee but Rather Another Manager



Q: I’ve had plenty of experience managing employees and I’ve had my share of procrastinators. I know that it helps to motivate and support them. That using a carrot is often more effective than a stick. I’ve used bonuses and other incentives to reward meeting deadlines, as well as the implied “poor” performance evaluation if they don’t.

My problem now is that the procrastinator isn’t my employee but rather another manager. So the usual tools made of carrots and sticks can’t be applied. Any tips on how to persuade another...


What NOT to Say in an Interview - Top 12 Things

Here are tips on how to prepare for an interview. An important aspect of how to prep for interview questions is knowing the 12 things to never say in an interview. Among these interview prep questions, I will tell you exactly what not to say in an interview and why these are the things to never say in a job interview. Most people don’t get this interview help, so you’ll stand out!



Originally posted on the Self Made Millennial YouTube channel



A Leader’s Guide to Effective Dialogue Under Pressure



How can managers become measurably more effective? To answer this question, I studied crucial moments. I wondered in moments when the stakes are high, and the pressure is on, do managers remain calm, candid, direct, and willing to listen? Or do their direct reports describe them as angry, closed-minded, rejecting, even devious? And, how does either style affect results and relationships?

My research confirms a manager’s style under stress has a disproportionate effect on their personal influence and their people. And yet, my study of 1,300 employees found that one...


Can an Employee, Stranded on a Quarantined Cruise Ship, Take FMLA? #Coronavirus



I’m a little late to the employment law blogger party where we fearmonger about Coronavirus and what employers should do about employee travel.

I planned to take a pass on that.

But, then I read this article on Bloomberg (“Turned Away on Virus Fear, Cruise Ship Risks Running Low on Food”) about a cruise ship that can’t dock anywhere because of fears of Coronavirus on board and this tweet asking if it’s ok to fire an employee that is stuck on that ship.



The Value of Bringing our Authenticity to Work



We’ve all heard the phrase, “if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, then it must be a duck”. This has been attributed to many potential sources, including Joseph McCarthy.  We may use this phrase at work to describe the behavior of a co-worker or manager. Our ability to bring our authentic selves to work is often very challenging and hard to do. Workplace politics, manager expectations, team cultures, and promotion guidelines often get in the way of our ability to...