How to Create Solutions-Focused Employees



When most managers are asked how often their employees suggest creative, empathetic and customer-focused solutions, the answer is often “not nearly enough.” Many of today’s business leaders genuinely believe they foster an open environment that encourages employees to speak up; yet, they are shocked when they learn that their employees are actually holding back.

The fact is that employees have good ideas, they want to be heard and leadership wants to hear them. However, all too often, employees and leaders feel that no one cares about cultivating a communicative culture...


Leverage Analytics to See and Harvest the Greatness in Others – An Interview with Amber Hurdle #SHRMPeopleAnalytics



I am thrilled to have the chance to interview Amber Hurdle, a former teen mom who evolved into a powerhouse businesswoman, and who has worked with international celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, and businesses worldwide. Author of The Bombshell Business Woman and upcoming Velvet Machete® Personal Branding, she is also a speaker, podcaster and Predictive Index Certified Advisor. 

Amber, what would you like people who are just being introduced to you to know about you?

I would want people to know that I sell science and branding, but I deliver confidence....


The Steam Engine and Pursuing Your Passion



Thomas Newcomen invented the steam engine in 1712. From an early age, Watt was good at engineering and math. He studied instruments in London before returning to Scotland to set up his own business, which did not go so well.

Watt then got a job repairing instruments at the University of Glasgow. In 1764, the University of Glasgow had a Newcomen steam engine that was not working well and James Watt was asked to help repair. He got extremely interested in the steam engine in general – and in particular...


Unravel HR Mysteries and Facilitate Better Strategic Value with Analytics




Imagine if you were asked to buy a house without ever seeing it. Your real estate agent tells you it has everything you asked for and you should trust her because she has had 100 percent success in predicting her client’s happiness with their purchase. Would you buy it?

What if you were planning a trip to an imaginary island, let’s call it Peopletopia, and the one person you know that has been there said you don’t need...


How HR Teams Support Scaling in Hyper-Growth Mode



Businesses today are growing faster than ever. Increased globalization, combined with better business technologies, is helping organizations hire and scale in a way that’s more distributed and — in an ideal world — more efficient. But we all know what they say about the best-laid plans, and when it comes to scaling your people operation in hyper-growth mode, it’s better to stay ahead of the potential breaking points than risk blindly succumbing to them. Every day, the people team at TripActions works hard to move fast while simultaneously planning ahead...


People Analytics is a Business Discipline



People Analytics is a business discipline. That’s a bold statement after decades of trying to justify an approach to employee data and trends as an organizational tool. Human resources information systems have continued to improve their ability to collect all kinds of data. HR practitioners are better set up to use these data points to look for patterns, combat negative trends and leverage talent in more productive and engaging ways. So, with these truths, people analytics is a business discipline and should be treated as such.

As with any discipline,...


4 HR Trends That Will Impact Your Workplace Culture in 2020



A new year is fast approaching and, with it, comes new laws, opportunities, and potential challenges for HR professionals. But creating a positive workplace culture is likely to be a constant activity, this year and next. So, what are the top HR trends that will lend to building a positive work culture in 2020 and beyond?

Here are four of the hottest employee experience topics that HR professionals will be tasked with addressing in the next decade:

  1. Retaliation in the Workplace
  2. Harassment Prevention Training
  3. New Approaches to Workplace Culture
  4. Data Transparency



Why HR Should Pay Attention to Predictive Analytics #SHRMPeopleAnalytics


This is the time of year for predictions. One of the things that shows up fairly consistently on HR-related trends articles includes predictive analytics. So, what exactly are predictive analytics and why should we pay attention to them?

I like to think of it this way: HR metrics tell you what happened in the past. For example, time to fill or cost per hire. Both of these metrics are valuable, and I believe HR departments should be calculating them, but they’re not all the information we might need to make business...


The Art of Onboarding: How to Get It Right



Onboarding is an integral but often overlooked process part of the candidate experience. Programs are frequently cursory, without any meaningful follow up to determine effectiveness. This situation leaves new hires wanting more, but forced to settle for less.

To mitigate this, the same kind of high-touch strategy used to nurture and hire candidates can work during the onboarding process. When new employees start a job, it is a chance to immerse them in the corporate culture. It also presents an opportunity to harness their new-job enthusiasm and fresh perspectives.



What’s Your Formula for Winning? Volunteering will Sharpen Your Edge as a LeadHR



In 1992, my dad asked me to be part of the Southwest Bowling Proprietors Association. This was a group of business leaders in the bowling industry that would meet and talk about strategies to better both our business and our industry. I was a proprietor in Purcell, Oklahoma at the time and it was a great opportunity for me to learn and grow in my leadership as an entrepreneur. Several years later, I moved to Dallas, Texas and continued to volunteer in different organizations such as the North Texas Relocation...