#Nextchat: What HR Students Need to Know




As the HR profession continues to grow in popularity and in mentions on “best careers” lists, more students are choosing to pursue studies in human resources management. A career in HR provides the flexibility to customize a career path while offering positive prospects for pay and growth.

Because HR is such a broad space with so many functions, specialties and “gray areas,” a first job in HR can be a daunting experience for any graduate. As with any profession, students often appreciate advice from industry...


Letting Go of Traditional Leadership Development



The market for leadership development solutions is enormous. More than $14 billion is spent by corporations on various aspects of leadership development, and there are more than 70,000 books and videos on the topic. 

Surveys of the top challenges business leaders face inevitably show improving leadership pipelines always comes out near the top. The Global Leadership Forecast of 2018 showed that only 14 percent of executive respondents had a strong bench of leaders, two-thirds believed a new leadership model is needed, and 64 percent said developing their next generation of...


#Nextchat RECAP: What Do HR Professionals Really Think About HR Tech?

On September 4, @shrmnextchat chatted with the HR Executive Technology Conference Co-Chair and Co-Host of the HR Happy Hour Show and Podcast, Steve Boese @SteveBoese about What Do HR Professionals Really Think About HR Tech?

If you missed this excellent chat, you can read all the tweets here or below:







SHRM Kicks Off New Commercial Series Featuring Conversations with Leading CEOs


SHRM is out front and leading the conversation on the most critical issues facing today’s workplaces— like healthcare, workforce development, inclusion and civility.

In SHRM’s new series of televised commercials, which began airing on major cable networks yesterday, we are partnering with CEOs of major brands and having conversations about these issues, which have a profound impact on workplace culture. We are starting with healthcare and my conversation with President and CEO Bruce D. Broussard of Humana. Bruce and I discuss the impact of healthcare benefits—one of...


Work Culture and Its Connection to “The Person” #LaborDay



Labor Day is an opportunity for us as a nation to recognize the hard work of Americans who have greatly contributed to our country and our pathway towards continued prosperity. The resolute, unwavering work ethic engrained in our country since its birth continues to be woven within every one of us.

While many view Labor Day as a transitional period from Summer to Fall, countless Americans remain occupied with thinking through their current employment situation, striving to transition...


#Nextchat: What Do HR Professionals Really Think About HR Tech?



If you were to ask an HR professional which component of their HRMS they could live without, they’d probably have a hard time answering. In a world where greater emphasis is being placed on strategy and analytics, HR is increasingly relying on technology to automate tasks, increase effectiveness and reduce errors. From talent acquisition and employee self-service to communications and compliance tracking for a global workforce, technology now touches every aspect of our workforce and workplace.

Workforce technology...


3 Training Sessions Every Leader Must Attend



Clearly, I am a bit proponent of training and development. Particularly when it comes to leadership development. I fully believe the more leaders are given development opportunities, the better the organization overall.

I will fight anyone to the death who feels differently.

Many times businesses, especially smaller organizations, feel they don’t have the time or budget to implement any type of training. They also think that their smaller size automatically promotes open communication and deeper relationships so what do they have to develop anyway?

A lot.

Even if a full leadership development...


Get Ready for Open Enrollment!



Companies are preparing to kick off open enrollment for their employees to choose their workplace benefits. Health, vision, dental, life insurance ... even pet insurance may be up for grabs. 

How can HR professionals best communicate with employees about their choices, when many workers are unfamiliar with the language and concepts of benefits offerings? What's the best way to help employees through open enrollment season?

Take a look at our primer below for ways to start the conversation, and at our glossary of common (and commonly misunderstood) terms. Our news articles offer...


#Nextchat RECAP: That Wasn't My Intention! -- A Coaching Framework to Close the Gap Between Intention and Impact

On August 28, @shrmnextchat chatted with executive coach and keynote speaker Sarah Noll Wilson @sarahnollwilson about A Coaching Framework to Close the Gap Between Intention and Impact

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