Policy, Not Politics: Let’s Talk about It in Real Time


In a busy election year, it’s not as easy to be heard when we advocate for policies that will improve people’s lives and make our workforce stronger. There’s too much noise.

But we can’t let that slow us down. As HR leaders, we must find every possible way to put our best ideas forward in a time when platforms are being drafted and candidates are stumping. We can call and write to policymakers in Washington and connect with them when they visit their home districts. We can educate...


Want More Women and Minorities In Tech Jobs? Do This First.


We are constantly talking about how to get more women and minorities (but not those Asian or Indian minorities) into STEM careers. If we only catch them sooner, that will be the key. If we only give them more math, that will be the key. If we only pay teachers more, that will be the key. It’s all false.

A new study (Buchanan, Joy, Willingness to be Paid: Who Trains for Tech Jobs? (February 6, 2020) has shown that the number one determining factor at getting anyone interested in going into a high tech...


Travels - Embrace the Experience


This past weekend I happened to travel. I’ve come a long way personally when it comes to trips. I used to get very anxious about almost every aspect from finding a place to park at an airport to talking to a desk clerk at a hotel. It’s not rational. I know that. I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m an uber-extrovert. I easily approach folks and find it energizing to meet strangers and get to know about them. So, the anxiety I experienced while traveling was even more troubling because in every other situation I rarely hesitate to interact...


Senior Leaders Need Mentoring, Too



As a mentoring relationship comes to an end, I will often interview the mentor about what they learned during the relationship. “I need a mentor, too,” is the most popular refrain during these conversations. 

Even the most senior-level employee is often surprised at their own realization about how much they would benefit from mentoring. But it’s indeed true that mentoring is for everyone.

There are many byproducts of effective mentoring—goal-setting and accountability are the most commonly cited outcomes. Of course, goal-setting is not just for junior employees. The most senior...


How to Set Employees up for Success During Onboarding



I always look forward to the weekends because those are times for me to catch up with friends and family. During most weekends, there is often a planned or unplanned phone conversation that occurs, which could last for a couple of hours. Sometimes, those conversations touch on HR-related subjects, especially if we discuss work. 

This past weekend was one of those weekends. I had a lengthy conversation with a friend who had started a new job two months ago. It had also been two months since we last talked, and so, we had a lot to discuss. I...


If You Never Worked from Home Before, Here are 10 Suggestions #Coronavirus


We are living in unprecedented times, in the midst of a global health crisis. It’s clear that one of the obvious solutions will be that more and more employees across the planet will be asked to work from home. The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has already been recommending that, if you are sick, stay home.

In that vein, here are some suggestions for those that have never worked from home…

  1. Find the right technology that works for you
  2. ...

Breaking Down the Silos Where Bullies Thrive



Micro-Management is the single greatest deterrent to organizational progress in today's workforce. We all know that people don't leave companies, they leave bad bosses. Yet, workplace bullying at the expense of employee mental health continues to be an issue. There are a few avenues that require some intuition but could ultimately fix that which has a chokehold on progress.

Employee Perspective 
As individuals we are motivated by the following intrinsic motivators:

Wouldn't it be refreshing if your manager sat down...


I'm Not the Only One -- Recognition Builds Confidence



Compliments can be hard to hear. When people of poor self-consideration are challenged to think deeper about the contributions made through their efforts, the responses can run from self-actualization to awkwardness. On the latter end of the spectrum, those exposed to their own impact might find it uncomfortable to hear it, see it and feel it. They may not have been encouraged in their own worth, more than just in work, but perhaps throughout life. Your kindness in sharing a right perspective may not be received so comfortably initially.



Coffee and Convo - The J Way



Each time our team travels for meetings, we always try to connect with some of our local exchange visitors (EVs). Earlier in February, we met five NYC based exchange visitors for breakfast or as I like to call it – “coffee and convo the J way.”The group, while small, was from all over – Mexico, Chile, England, The Netherlands, and Germany. (We also had SHRM Program Manager Gennady Babankov with us, so we can go ahead and check the Russia box too.)

When we meet with exchange visitors, I love hearing...