Identifying Leaders So You Can Develop Them


Recently, at a conference I was asked how I develop good leaders. “First,” I responded, “you need to know what a good leader looks like.”

As you prepare to develop leaders, which type of person do you want to be? Do you want to know what you’re looking for in potential leaders and be able to find them? Or do you want to hope somebody comes and finds you? It’s your choice.

Every person you bring onto your team will make you either better or worse. And every leader you develop...


Struggling With Disability Inclusion? 4 Things I Learned from a Free HR Training



As an HR manager at an IT and business solutions firm, I’ll be the first to admit that my company’s approach to diversity and inclusion needed a fresh, more modern take. I know I’m certainly guilty of writing policies and procedures solely from the HR perspective, while the employee point of view is often glossed over. This can lead to us (and others) struggling with disability inclusion.

Recently, I came across the Employing Abilities @Work Certificate program by SHRM Foundation and the Workplace Initiative by Understood. This free...


When is the Time to Work Hard?


“Never! Work smarter not harder!”

Shut it. I wasn’t talking to you idiot.

I tend to try and surround myself with people who are “hard” workers. Who sees stuff that needs to be done and they just do it. In fact, they can’t even turn themselves off if they wanted to. Maybe all the work that you, or I, or they do isn’t “hard”, however, you define hard work, but it’s work and it needs to get done.

Every successful person I know is a hard worker.

Being a hard...


Advice for the Class of 2020



Think back to your high school or college commencement speeches. Do you remember who delivered them? Do you remember what they said? Did any of it have an impact on where you are today or how you got there?

The class of 2020 will have its share of inspiring speeches and if you Google “Best Commencement Speeches” you’ll find a mix of amazing storytellers such as Sheryl Sandberg (Resilience and our ability to deal with setbacks), Kurt Vonnegut (Make the world a better place by respecting humanity — and living...


9 Professional Development Tips For Human Resource Professionals



HR is a profession that requires continuous professional development. 

Human resources professionals are an integral part of every business. It’s important they are taking care of their needs so they can fully assist others.

Below, nine human resources professionals -- and those with HR responsibilities - share how they ensure they’re getting the professional development needed to excel in their roles and grow their careers. 

Create a Professional Plan 

Like any position in any industry, HR professionals run the risk of becoming stagnant in their...


A Shift in Behavioral Modeling


Dr. Michael Ahearne of the University of Houston shared research this week that pointed to a dynamic shift from transactional to trusting customer relationships through the emergence of the COVID19 pandemic. We've seen insight into how to work from home more efficiently. With theory becoming a sustained reality, it is now time for human beings to adapt and persevere.

Additionally, there has been a noticeable transition from quantitative to qualitative measurements of organizational success. This means keeping an acute focus of revenue while changing the measures by which to get there.

I've authored...


5 Steps to Create a Talent Strategy for Future Success


Even with COVID-19 reshaping the talent marketplace, companies are still challenged to make sure the right talent is in place for long-term objectives. Talent strategy is just as crucial as financial, marketing, or operational strategies in driving future success. The ability to develop, recruit and retain the right people—at high velocity—to fill talent gaps created by the evolving business strategy is a DEFCON 1-level priority.

When the Harvard Business Review recently asked 24 high-profile CEOs to name their biggest challenges, “talent management” topped that list. Having the right talent, fully engaged, in the...


Reopening and Restarting: Four Things to Consider



Human resources professionals are an agile group of people (but you already knew that, right?!). We are always shifting to keep up with the latest laws, workplace trends, HR tech innovations, employee needs and expectations, and now our latest challenge: the fallout from a global pandemic. This brings a multitude of new considerations to the workplace, and to HR professionals.  

As the ambiguity of dates and times wane and more states lift non-essential business closure orders, HR is shifting their attention yet again--from creating productive remote work environments and...


The 7 Skills That HR Professionals Should Be Developing Right Now



While it’s always good to keep our skills current, it’s particularly important right now. HR professionals are being relied upon to help their organizations reopen operations, increase productivity levels, and bring employees back to the workplace. Some HR professionals are looking for new opportunities right now. And others are looking to pivot into an HR career.

The challenge becomes, what are the right skills to focus on. Let’s face it, we only have so much time to dedicate to professional development....


Dear HR: Is it Really Safe to Talk about Our Mental Health?


A year ago, I would have said no to writing this. But last year, I was inspired to talk about my mental health with a stranger after they told me about their struggles, and it was the most liberating life-changing experience.

You see, if you talk openly about your story, you never know who you might inspire and, as a result, change their life. What if that means the difference between someone giving up or deciding to keep going? I’ve had the thought many times…what if that person didn’t share their story with me? Would I be brave enough to...