The Power of Positive Appreciation



Whether it's in the form of a raise or a simple thank you, showing gratitude can make all the difference to your employees.

Businesses that proactively use appreciation can attest to its powerful value. As the saying goes, “Next to excellence comes the appreciation of it.” When it becomes part of corporate culture, appreciation can be the secret weapon that propels companies past their competition. When it’s absent, it can cripple performance, productivity and profitability.

Too often, workers are ignored, asked to perform tasks without proper guidance, given little...


Do You Want a Coach or a Mentor or Both?



Coaching and mentoring are terms that are often used interchangeably even though there are significant differences. It’s important to identify which role will fit the need at hand. There is no point in providing your employee with a coach when they need a mentor or vice versa. In the workplace, the term coach has a vastly different meaning than what we see in the world of sports where most of us first heard the term coach at school.

Definition of a Coach: A coach offers a partnering relationship to the...


Updated OSHA and CDC Guidance on #COVID-19 Masks



We all know that the wearing of masks is an essential element in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As with many safety precautions, however, the specifics of what is required continues to evolve relative to masks, and employers need to keep up with the evolving legal requirements as well as public health and other guidance. 

Last month, OSHA updated its guidance on COVID-19. More specifically, the updated guidance provides: 

Face coverings are simple barriers to help...



Originally published April 4, 2017


I like to read and re-read blogs on leadership. They are helpful reminders on what I need to keep doing (or not doing) and where there are opportunities for personal growth. Although expressed from different perspectives, the articles often cover the same attributes or competencies that we rightfully expect from good leaders.

I am struck by how often we need to be reminded to listen. Sound too basic? If you are preparing your response when someone is talking, are you fully listening? The answer is NO, and I have to remind...


How to Reform a “Golden Gut” (And What to Do When You Can’t)


You know who they are. They are the rock-star sales managers, the gifted product leaders, the creative visionaries. Almost everything they do is wildly successful.

They believe—and the company agrees—that they have a golden gut: flawless instincts, essential relationships, or uncanny intuition, and the confidence to act.

People with golden guts believe they are special, and they make sure everyone knows it. Their careers and incomes depend on that specialness.

They believe they can get away with things others can’t. They follow their gut, not somebody else’s rules: they expect to...


Leadership Boo Boo #2 - Cutting People Off at the Knees



When I was thinking about what Boo Boo Part 2 would be, it was clear as a bell to me. What wasn't clear, however, was how to write it. It's one of those things I think we all experience, and have even done to others and I believe people absolutely despise it. Ouch, that despise word is a strong one. But ouch, it's probably right on the mark. Listen for that bell because...

Boo Boo #2 - Cutting People Off at the Knees

By now you can all see that...


Unlocking DE&I Potential Takes a Turn Of One Key



The very idea of a key usually evokes the thought of a physical object that opens and closes something. Yet, a key also lends us access to a slew of spaces, protected information, databases and most importantly, a key can open our minds and hearts to new ideas. In today’s workplace, sound communication is an essential key that will open roads to the discussion and lead teams to engage and collaborate seamlessly as one. Communication can break down the walls of bias and unlock true cultural change within your organization.

Diversity, Equity and...


The Journey to Certification


Flashback to late 2019 and I was preparing to facilitate my first ever certification study group with my local SHRM chapter. At the time, I was SHRM-CP certified and excited about the opportunity to do my part in helping others achieve this career milestone. Utilizing the SHRM Learning System as our guide, we began this 12-week journey together. While I never had officially facilitated a program like this, I was confident as SHRM provides the instructors an abundance of resources to help first-time facilitators achieve success. This leads me to my...


Post-COVID Career Advancement


Vaccines are being administered and with Spring a month away there is (finally) reason to be optimistic that a return to normal is in sight. 

What Will The Future Look Like?

Will we return to commutes, office clusters, airplanes and hotels? Will the benefits of the work-from-home experiment be adopted long term? 

We can all agree that certainty seems to be the least certain thing in this day-and-age, but with lack of certainty comes opportunity. Those fortunate enough to have emerged from the 2020/2021 pandemic healthy and employed will count...


When I Grow Up: 10 Examples of Things Leaders Can Do to Show Compassion




“Hey! – It’s Sophia here again! I am a few weeks older since we last spoke, and with all the wisdom of foresight and hindsight that brings. Even though I cannot speak yet, I can type about 80 words a minute on my Mom’s cellphone. It’s been great to follow SHRM’s "When I Grow Up" campaign and I wanted to share some thoughts on empathy and compassion. I can’t resist the urge to give you a real-world example from my own short life. Empathy is when my...