5 Top Skills Employers Are Looking For



I’ve noticed the skills that hiring managers want aren’t generally the same skills we learned in school.

The top 5 skills I see employers asking for (and the skills I WISH school had taught me):


It’s bizarre to never need Excel in school and then go into the corporate world and it is simply expected that you know it.

I spoke with a group of companies that were hiring students straight out of Master’s programs and they said the one skill they wish students had when coming into their roles was Excel. The...


Pregnancy Exemption For Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates?

There are many legal and cultural issues employers need to consider in deciding whether and how to mandate COVID-19 vaccines of some or all employees.  This blog addresses but one issue—potential exemptions.

If an employer mandates vaccines, employers are required by the ADA and Title VII to consider exemptions/reasonable accommodations for disabilities/medical reasons or because of a sincerely-held religious belief. Employers may wish to consider another potential exemption/accommodation: pregnancy. 

According to the CDC, while pregnant women are at higher risk for serious illness, the data are limited as to the safety...


How Do You Measure a Year?



How do you measure a year?

It’s a question asked in the Broadway play Rent, but it is also one I have been pondering myself.

Somewhere around five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes ago from writing this post, I was preparing to fly to Cleveland, Ohio to speak at the Northern Ohio SHRM Conference. The impact and implications of Covid-19 were just starting to hit the 24 hours news cycles. I remember being unsure if the conference would happen, as things were a bit up in the air in...


9 Tips For Making 1:1 Meetings More Productive



What are your tips for making 1:1 meetings more productive?

To help you make 1:1 meetings more productive, we asked business leaders and HR professionals this question for their best tips. From starting with a personal wellness question to setting a hard “stop time,” there are several tips that may help you to make your 1:1 meetings more productive.

Here are nine tips to make 1:1 meetings more productive: 


  • Send Out “Primer” Information
  • Spend Just As Much Time Preparing
  • Start
  • ...

Tips to Help Employees Transition Back to The Physical Workplace


At some point in the hopefully not too distant future, employees will start returning to work in the physical workplace instead of working remotely from their homes. Just as the transition from the workplace to home represented a significant shift, returning to the workplace won’t be without its challenges.

Here’s how to set your employees up for successful re-entry.

Help employees mentally prepare to return to work.

Give employees some time to prepare to return to the workplace.  After all, the pandemic already showed that employees could be just as...


Bad Bosses: Developing the Manager to Become the Leader


If you’ve ever watched the popular television sitcom, The Office, you may be able to recall the hilarious, yet “over the top” manager, Michael Scott played by actor, Steve Carrell. While I adored Steve Carrell’s character, I didn’t always love how the character handled his role as a manager.

Has your performance ever suffered because of a bad boss? Have you ever left a job because of a bad boss? According to Gallup’s State of the American Manager report, 1 in 2 people have left a job because of a poor...


Internal Talent Mobility: Think Projects, Not Jobs!



As the curtain falls on the infamous year 2020, recruiters face an increasingly challenging climate. Close to 60% of companies have hiring freezes in place and many have downsized during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, global talent shortages are at an all-time high. More than one-half of the companies in the world are unable to find the skills they require. So, how does a recruiter help to fill skill gaps with fewer job openings?

A New Model: Optimizing Internal Talent

We need to rethink the way we work because the old ways...


Don’t Be Sisyphus !!



How’s your new year shaping up? Is your plate full? Chances are it’s overflowing. I know this may be stating the obvious for most people. I’m not just referring to work either. Yes, work may take up the majority of your daily time, effort and attention. We need to remember that each person we encounter has their version of “life” going on. You may be addressing personal/family situations and struggles with spouses, partners, kids, or parents. You may be in between jobs now or you’d like to change your role/company...


How to Create Virtual Leadership Routines



We are going through a blurry, timeless world where any processes, defined roles, and responsibilities can increase team cohesiveness and productivity. Equally, leaders can benefit more from leadership routines to improve performance.

Virtual leadership routines are essential for three reasons:

  1. They help connect better with team members and motivate them without losing track.
  2. They are the glue for consistent and intentional leadership fostering trust. An intentional leadership, “the process of deciding in advance how we want to be perceived by those we lead,” can contribute to aligning behaviors with the
  3. ...

Mother-Daughter Duo – Official SHRM Certified Professionals!


From the start of my human resources career, one of my biggest goals was to have SHRM-SCP behind my name.

I have always been one to plan and weigh the pros and cons so in mid-2020 when I was about six months shy of being eligible to sit for the SHRM-SCP, I started to seriously research prep courses, study material, and overall costs. Once I had an idea of the path I wanted to take I consulted with my mother, who is also an HR professional, to encourage her to go through...