One Important Question for Leaders

Can you do for others that which you have not done for yourself?

This is a critical question when we think about the health of our organizations and cultures.

As a leader or manager:

  •  if you aren’t living up to your own potential and working in a job that is deeply satisfying to you, can you credibly help others to do it?
  •  if you aren’t invested in your own development, can you convince others that they should be?
  •  if you aren’t living your values, can you expect others to align to any values?
  • ...

Workplace Neuroscience: How the Brain Works at Work

Change is hard especially at work and studies now show that because we are reluctant to change we are also programmed to fail.  In 1995, seventy percent of all major changes in an organization failed.  In 2008, we are still sitting at a thirty percent rate of success.  The rise of importance and use of change management as well as tactics, strategies, and theory hasn’t changed a thing.
As humans we are reluctant to change.  We yearn for instant results, and that is purely the fault of evolution.  Except that evolution can be used against...


#NEXTCHAT: The Consumerization of IT

The consumerization of IT is rapidly evolving the technology we use at work. Social, mobile and video technologies have dramatically changed the way hiring professionals source and recruit candidates. As competition for top talent remains at an all-time high, companies like Ongig are making it easy for recruiters to harness candidates-friendly technology to create a more engaging candidate experience.

Meanwhile, despite efforts to establish HR as a more strategic business partner, it remains a largely tactical function for many organizations. Some say consumerized IT could be the catalyst HR needs to evolve into the strategic role they’ve...


Inheriting a Complex World

One of my new go-to resources is the IBM’s Global CEO Study. It surveys over 1,500 global business leaders about the business and work on topics of concern and trends for the future. You can download this year’s survey here.

Last year, I was very impressed that IBM’s research included for the first time a companion study from students about their views on inheriting this complex world we’re living in.  Very cool!

This is the conversation that needs to be happening.  We need to move beyond presentations that do little more than just put generations...


"How can I keep the white girl?"

The title of this post is comprised of the seven poorly-chosen words from a Vice President of Operations at a Detroit casino right before the casino terminated a white employee for allegedly botching supervision of a dealer card shuffle.

What do you think? Do we have a live race-discrimination claim? Oh yeah, we do! Details after the jump, as well as thoughts on employers who strive to maintain racial balance in the workplace... 

Kimberly Ondricko, a white female, worked her way up through the ranks of the MGM Grand Detroit over several years...


What do these 'Big Trends' mean for HR?

I admit it, I am a total mark for Business Insider.

A superb mix of business, tech, culture, politics, economics, sports, celebrity gossip - all delivered with bludgeon-like ridiculous volume probably running upwards of 100 posts each day.

Recently BI ran one of their guaranteed to generate a ton of page views slideshows that actually drove me to click through all (70!) distinct pages. Titled 'The US 20: Twenty Big Trends That Will Dominate America's Future', it was just the right blend of data,...


My Love/Hate Relationship with Training Activities

Training activities.  Classroom participation events.  Facilitated group learning exercises. Whatever.

Often, something designed to provide an “a-ha” moment to workplace learners ends up creating discomfort, dismay and even distress.  In an attempt to make training FUN (with a capital F!!) group facilitators require attendees to play BINGO or pass oranges with their chins or do art projects.  I’ve been there and done that – on both sides of the equation (mea culpa).

While an employee who is a creative or conceptual thinker may very much enjoy participating in such a learning environment, Mr. Practical and Ms. Reflective...


9 Ways To Boost Your Career Development (by the end of the year)


It is hard to believe that September is nearly half over. As the fourth quarter rears it’s head, individuals looking for work wonder how to keep the momentum up during the holiday season. Many wonder if continuing a job search is even worth it during this time. It is and here are nine things you can do to boost your job search strategy in the next few months.
Take Control. Managing a career and a job search is work. It is easy to start down a path and get side tracked. Now


An Insurance Policy for Making Experiential Learning Successful

Experiential learning has been en vogue in corporate training for some time, and for good reason.  Our research at the Najafi Global Mindset Institute has shown that first-hand experiences can fuel a leader’s motivation to enter into new or challenging experiences and to get to know diverse new people.  This is incredibly important for a leader who needs to interact with diverse others.  It allows him or her to be able to embrace unfamiliar people, practices, and environments rather than being fearful of or irritated by their differences.  The trouble is that while many human resources development professionals recognize...