Why the Future is Bright For HR Leaders

In the past couple of years, we've experienced more work-life-changing events than we could have ever imagined. Things happening in business today, therefore, have a sharper focus on the human element than in the past. 

This week, we hear from Jim Link, the new CHRO at SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management. 

Jim is an Atlanta-based business consultant and former Fortune 500 executive specializing in equipping leaders with the tools needed to build best-in-class, inclusive workplaces that drive revenue and profitability.

His experience includes roles of increasing responsibility in human resources, mergers and acquisitions, and...


#SHRM22 Vendor Spotlight: Paylocity

I was delighted to be able to speak with Shari Simpson, SHRM-SCP, Paylocity HR Program Manager and host of "PCTY Talks" Podcast about Paylocity's plans to exhibit at #SHRM22.

Here is our conversation:

Mary: Congratulations on your awards: "Top 50 HR Products", "Top 200 CEO's", "Best Lead Companies" - among others. Can you tell us a little bit about Paylocity? Who can most benefit from your services? Is there a certain company profile that is ideal?

Shari: Thanks! More and more people are learning about us. Paylocity is a 25-year-old HR and...


#SHRM22 Speaker Interview: DEI&B Series Part 2: Dr. Jarik Conrad: 13 Brutal Realities Stalling DEI&B Efforts


​It was such a privilege to connect with Dr. Jarik Conrad this past week to discuss his #SHRM22 session, “13 Brutal Realities Stalling DEI&B Efforts.” There are several things he shared that were incredibly impactful. One that stood out to me is how he uses his background in engineering and science to approach Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) and culture topics. He uses that scientific framework to help organizations, leaders, and HR understand


Moving HR from Tactical to Strategic Thinking

I had the pleasure of chatting with Val Grubb who will be facilitating two pre-conference sessions, a Smart Stage presentation, and presenting a mega session at SHRM’s annual conference next month in New Orleans.  After speaking with Val, it was evident why this dynamic individual has been asked to share her knowledge and experiences at this premier, international HR event. A blog post can’t adequately capture Val’s vibrant personality, and readily apparent expertise, but the following synopsis should whet your appetite and build your...


#SHRM22 – Planning Ahead Can Make All the Difference

The SHRM Annual Conference & Expo is the world’s largest event dedicated to the human resources profession in the world. HR professionals from around the globe will gather for 3+ days of learning, networking, vendor demonstrations, engagement, and celebration. If you have not attended a “SHRM Annual” before, you may have no idea what to expect. Since my first SHRM Annual was just a few years ago, I hope to share some of my experiences to help you prepare for what will likely be one of the...


A #SHRM22 Interview with Julie Develin, Sr. Partner, HCM Advisory at UKG and Chas Fields, Sr. Partner, HCM Advisory at UKG

Tell me a little bit about your background (s) and how it led to your decision focus on improving workplace culture and enhancing the employee experience?

Chas: My background is consultation and leading teams/projects on a large scale.  We chose this track because it narrows in on the problems HR leaders face on a regular basis.  We see people struggle daily in our conversations and we have the privilege of helping those elevate themselves and people around them with better practices.

Julie: My background is in HR, as a practitioner....


A #SHRM22 Speaker Interview with Steve Gilliland

I have been attending SHRM conferences since 2015, and each year I seem to find a speaker that speaks to me. During the SHRM 2017 conference in New Orleans, the speaker was Steve Gilliland. I had attended the Super Sunday Session for Students and Young Professionals, and Steve was one of our “keynotes.” Later during that same conference, a friend suggested we go to his “Hide Your Goat session.” Between both of these sessions, I was hooked. Steve speaks at SHRM every year, so I always...


#SHRM22: The Introvert’s Guide to #Conferencing

#Conferencing is a term that has been coined by the #SHRM19Blogger contingent that took on Las Vegas.  The annual conference is an EVENT, and it can be overwhelming for those that are first-timers or even recurring attendees.  There are a LOT of blog posts by my fellow #SHRM22Influencers that will help you every step of the way for first-time attendees.  We are HR people, People people, and we are here to help!

This guide is a little bit different.  I’m a card-carrying Introvert, INTJ, and I’m here to help.

#Conferencing is not a spectator sport as I’ve shared before.  Conferences...


Solving HR Department Burnout

Along with the post-pandemic Great Resignation, companies are discovering that their remaining staff are undergoing another crisis: the Great Burnout.

The stress of the pandemic has taken a high toll on many staff members and HR staff have been taxed in a very particular way. The tasks they were burdened with during the pandemic are those that nobody else in the company would want to have to shoulder. Things like being the bearer of bad news with pandemic-related layoffs, putting them in a position of telling team...


Why You Should Join Us in NOLA for #SHRM22

Hey, are you going to National?” That’s a question I’ve asked and answered countless times. I have attended the SHRM National Conference for decades, along with many of my colleagues. It’s such an important event that we’ve skipped family gatherings, passed on vacation opportunities, and even missed a few Father’s Day celebrations with our children.  

Now, fast forward to #SHRM2022, and the opportunity as a #SHRM22Influencer to attend virtually from the comfort of my office or living room....