Crossing Borders

Hiring the right talent overseas is not only about identifying top performers but also understanding the constraints in attracting and ultimately retaining talent. This article seeks to show why it is about far more than conventional talent management tools.

There are two approaches to hiring the right talent in your overseas operation. You either recruit it locally or send a proven ex-pat overseas. Easier said than done as even with the best-laid plans large companies can find recruiting talent a difficult process.

Business schools often use Disney’s move to Paris as a case study of a less than seamless setup....


#SHRM21 Interview with Tony Lee

Tony Lee joined SHRM in 2015 and hit the ground running. He has been a huge supporter of the Talent Acquisition Panel which I have been serving on for the last few years. I spoke to Tony recently about his plans for #SHRM21. He is going to be very busy for the next few days leading up to #SHRM21 preparing for the 10K plus attendees. Talent Acquisition is one of the hottest topics in the U.S. right now since many organizations are facing an Employee Turnover Tsunami. His...


10 Tips that Will Get Employees to Read What You Write

Robert Bogue is clear about how much he wants people to be clear. Clear in the way they communicate, that is.

As an 18-year Microsoft veteran, Rob has seen his fair share of technology implementations. He has done more SharePoint implementations than he could count, and through that work, he has seen how deep the communications issues go. In 2018, Rob wrote a SharePoint implementation guide which opened his eyes to see the disparity in communication. It was not that people didn’t know...


A #SHRM21 Interview with Christie Engler

I know what it’s like to be an HR DOO (department of one!) and champions such as Christie Engler are essential for our success. Ever had to deal with lack of technology, minimal budget and managers stuck in the past? Christie will cover it all in her #SHRM21 session, The REAL HR of Small and Midsize Business taking place on Sunday, September 12 at 9:15 a.m. PT! I hope the following information will encourage you to hear Christie speak at the conference and learn more about what she does. Be sure to...


Five Ways To Engage Virtually: #SHRM21 Annual Conference

The 2021 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition is a week away. **GASP** A WEEK! 
Let’s go back for just a moment to 2020.  There was so much anticipation and excitement around SHRM20 in San Diego – which started during #SHRM19 in Las Vegas. 

And then…. COVID-19. 

​The world as we knew it completely turned upside down and inside out. The world of work was changed in an instant – forever. Leaders and HR professionals were trying to figure it out on the fly.


When it IS and ISN’T the Right Time to Create a New Policy

First, let’s address when it’s NOT a good idea to create a new policy. When a manager or supervisor thinks it’s easier to make a policy than deal with a performance issue with one or a few people, they are going to find themselves in a heck of a mess.  It’s not a good idea to subject everyone to a policy that is generated by the misdeeds or misunderstandings of a few. That’s the job of the manager, and that’s performance management.

Here's a true story that demonstrates this concept....


Workplace Tech and Me

In 1984, I was working as a budgeting and finance manager in a headquarters program office for the U.S. Navy. Although I’d had exposure to computers a decade earlier in high school, the most sophisticated piece of technology in the workplace at that time was the IBM Selectric typewriter, with removable typeface balls that allowed the user to change fonts (relatively) easily.

As a budgeting and finance manager, I was responsible for planning the allocation of billions of dollars in appropriated funding over a seven-year window, and then managing the execution...


Part 1: Why Do We Have so Much Resistance to Change for the Flexible Workplace?

Why do we have so much resistance to change for the flexible workplace?

Social innovations and the adoption curve

To date, all the surveys and data show that 75% of employees would prefer working from home at least half the time. Even more powerful data underscores that minorities would prefer working remotely to escape tensions at the office.

So, what beliefs could block such social innovation? Why do we still consider risk management for teleworking as high in specific industries such as Finance and even more for the majority of the GAFAM?...


A #SHRM21 Interview with Tim Sackett, SHRM-SCP


I had the privilege of chatting with the amazing Tim Sackett on his plans for #SHRM21. I have known Tim for a long time as we run in the same circles, are #SHRM21Influencers, and are passionate about Talent Acquisition. I have attended many of his sessions at conferences and they are always one of my favorites. Tim is a frequent contributor to SHRM as a subject matter resource on tech stacks and finding talent.  He is the author of SHRM published book, "The Talent Fix: ...


#SHRM21 Interview with Alex Powell: Results-focused Recognition for a Distributed Workforce


In this interview, Alex Powell, Director of Client Culture and Engagement at Reward Gateway, discusses results-focused recognition for a distributed workforce. 

Hi Alex, for those of us who are not familiar with your work, can you please introduce yourself?

Of course! I work as Reward Gateway’s Director of Client Culture and Engagement. What that means is that I look for and share best practices that client leaders can use to make the best use of our Employee Engagement Platform. Our technology has some robust, easy-to-use recognition tools,...