Two Years Later - Principles of Crisis Management

Two years ago last week, my company entered “crisis mode” in response to the rapid spread of COVID-19. We had no idea at the time that we would still be dealing with this pandemic 2 years later, let alone that we would face social unrest, economic upheaval, security threats, and the personal and collective anxiety that we still feel today. I’m extremely proud of my organization and my colleagues for the way we have managed through this period – we certainly didn’t do everything perfectly, but we showed our employees, our customers,...


4 Common Recruiting Challenges And How To Overcome Them

It's no secret that recruiting challenges continue to be one of HR's top priorities. From the stories our colleagues share with us about crazy competition, poaching employees from other companies, and salary offers out of the range of their budgets, it reminds me of the current real estate market! Candidates are "selling" their talent just like people are selling their homes. Candidates are demanding top-tier salaries just like home sellers are demanding top prices for their homes. Bidding wars and increasing costs...does it feel like a misalignment of value? And how do...


#SHRM22 Reflections

The SHRM22 conference ended with a grand gala last week; after nearly three years, seeing people live,  touch and hug friends was heartening. Fifteen thousand five hundred people attended the hybrid conference with in-person attendance of 78% and virtual attendance of 22%. Conferences are the best opportunity to learn, unlearn,  re-connect with old and make new connections. SHRM22 theme of "Cause The Effect" was woven throughout the breadth of mega, general, and concurrent sessions with topics covering the entire gamut of critical HR areas- DEIB, talent acquisition,...


Elon Musk's Illusion of Control Undermining Tesla’s Future

Elon Musk recently demanded that all Tesla staff return to the office full-time or “pretend to work somewhere else.” This authoritarian, top-down approach rooted in mistrust and false assumptions goes against best practices reflects an illusion of control that will undermine employee productivity, engagement, innovation, retention, and recruitment at Tesla.

One of Musk’s false assumptions is that employees “pretend” to work from home. Research using both surveys and behavior tracking shows that remote work results in higher productivity. More recently, academics demonstrated a further increase in productivity in remote work, from 5 percent in the summer of 2020 to 9...


Presentation Highlights from #SHRM22!

I am still buzzing from all the exciting sessions and networking that took place at this year’s SHRM22. To say it was a worthwhile event would definitely be an understatement. There were so many great presentations and speakers that I'll need weeks to process everything I learned!

Here, however, are some of my top takeaways from the event. If you couldn’t attend this year, make sure you join us next year! These SHRM conferences seem to get more inspirational and impactful each time. Exciting news – registration is now open for ...


#SHRM22 Recap – Let HR Be Your Safe Space

I recently returned home from #SHRM22 after an action packed five days of learning, connecting, networking, hugging, tweeting, and so much more. It was great to see so many of my #HR friends that I hadn’t seen since 2019. Even though I was a bit under the weather for the duration of the conference (not COVID), I still tried to make the best out of the experience. I attended many great sessions featuring speakers like Steve BrowneSteve GillilandAlexander Pullen, Bruce Christopher, Tina-Marie Wohlfield, Johnny C. Taylor, President George W. Bush, ...


I Say Hello - #SHRM22 Thoughts

The lanyards are ready to be hung on my hook of past conferences. The conference bag full of swag I thought I needed is bulging as I get ready to haul it into the office and add “toys” to my ever-growing office menagerie. The memories of incredible food at several places steeped in Cajun spices still make me salivate. And, the incredible improv blues/jazz/rock melodies from the jam session where any musician could bring in their instrument and jump on stage at Cafe Negri still resonates fondly in the recesses of my...


The 12 Biggest HR Trends in 2022

What is the biggest trend HR is facing and will face in the future?

To help you recognize the biggest trends facing HR, we asked small business owners and HR leaders this question for their best insights. From adopting remote work policies to transitioning into a culture of trust, there are several HR trends to be aware of for 2022 and beyond. 

Here are...