Your Chance to Make a Big Difference to the World of HR

SHRM’s Premier Legislative Conference and Advocacy Day are Around the Corner – Your Chance to Make a Big Difference to the World of HR

During my visits to our SHRM state councils and chapters, I often begin my discussion on HR public policy asking the following question of attendees: “When working with various federal and state laws and regulations, how many times have you wondered if lawmakers had any input from HR professionals in enacting them?” I always receive resounding nods of recognition. Next week (March 23-25), HR professionals from across the country will take matters into their capable hands by gathering in Washington, D.C. for the SHRM annual 2015 Employment Law & Legislative Conference. Over the course of these three very active and engaging days, HR professionals from every state in the union will attend critical workplace sessions, hear from exciting national pundits, network with fellow advocates, and then meet face-to-face with their members of Congress and their staffs to discuss how pending public policy proposals will have an impact on the workplace. 

So why do hundreds of your peers take three valuable days out of their busy schedules to make the trip to the Nation’s Capital every spring? Here is what they look forward to every March:

  • Hearing Directly from Dynamic and Informed Speakers. A big draw to this particular event is being able to receive exciting and interesting perspectives from renowned Conference speakers about today’s business and political climate and its impact on employees and employers. Throughout the Conference, attendees get not only the most current insights from key policymakers on upcoming workplace proposals, but participants are ahead of the curve in preparing for what’s ahead. 
  • Learning the Issues and Staying Compliant. My Government Affairs team and I work hard in Washington, D.C. to be active in the public policy arena on behalf of the HR profession.  However, when public policy is not your full-time job, getting a handle on complex workplace legislation, court decisions, and regulatory updates can be quite a daunting task. That is why attendees appreciate this particular Conference, which offers a wide variety of timely sessions to ensure you are up-to-date on the policies, compliant on regulations, and aware of the enforcement trends that will face HR in the coming  months.
  • Shaping Future Policies and Amplifying HR’s Voice on Capitol Hill. This Conference provides the unique opportunity for HR professionals to meet face-to-face with their U.S. Senators and U.S. House of Representative on Capitol Hill. I may be biased, but I have to say that this day is the true culmination of the entire Conference. During these meetings with congressional offices, HR professionals join other peers from their state to discuss how pending workplace legislation directly affects employees and employers. After all, studies prove that true testimonials and personal stories from a lawmaker’s constituents carry the most weight in influencing a member of Congress on an issue. After my years of participating in this SHRM conference, it is incredible to witness the power of the HR professional in delivering their personal stories to their members of Congress and shaping effective workplace policy.

I also can’t wait to see our SHRM Conference attendees download and take advantage of our fun and innovative new tool for the upcoming Conference: the SHRM Advocacy App. Free in app stores (under "SHRM Advocacy,") this great new resource provides a complete Employment Law & Legislative Conference schedule, and helpful Advocacy Day tools, right from Conference-goers’ mobile devices. But don’t worry – this exciting new advocacy resource is for any and all SHRM members interested in making a difference year-round through advocacy. Check out our app tutorial and get started with using our new tool!

Can’t make it to Washington this year? Don’t fear: SHRM will be initiating a Virtual Hill Day on March 25, providing SHRM advocates anywhere with the ability to echo the messages being shared by their peers on Capitol Hill that Wednesday. Be sure to visit SHRM’s HR Policy Action Center on March 25 to make your voice heard!

But the work to ease the legislative and regulatory burdens for HR professionals isn’t a one-day event. Want to be part of our continuing advocacy efforts in the coming months and beyond? Visit SHRM’s HR Policy Action Center online for all the resources you need to join the SHRM’s A-Team and serve as a valuable advocate for HR in your area. 



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