Young Professionals and Workplace Harassment: The New David and Goliath?

You don’t have to be in Human Resources to feel completely overwhelmed and bursting with anxiety about your future when you experience workplace harassment as a young professional. Often, those experiencing the harassment can feel that they would be facing an uphill battle against a successful, powerful harasser that would lead to waves of retaliation and damaging attacks on your professional reputation within your industry.
With scintillating headlines featuring the dramatic fall from grace of those like Harvey Weinstein, conversations around workplace harassment are quickly becoming more relevant and pertinent than ever. If huge movie production companies with seemingly endless resources could not shield their artists and industry professionals from at best, harassment and at worst, assault, what are the community-grown small business owners going to be able to do?
Employees of any business size have the legal right to work in an environment free of harassment, where they feel safe, and without discriminatory practices.
As HR professionals, it is our duty to ensure appropriate and consistent enforcement of these employment laws.
How can we empower young professionals to feel supported with the necessary education and resources to combat harassment effectively while continuing on with productive, thriving careers? As HR professionals, how do we tear down the barriers keeping harassed employees from connecting with us, in fear that HR has our hands tied with bureaucratic tape? As human beings who all make mistakes, how can we prepare our best defenses from the inevitable careless joke, thoughtless innuendo, or well-intended flirtation around the water cooler?
Join us on Wednesday, November 1 from 3:00-4:00p.m. ET for a #Nextchat aiming to tackle these and other prickly harassment problems.
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