Don’t “Yelp” your employees. “YouTube” them!

Let me explain.

Yelp is a great social media site that many use basically to review restaurants. Don’t get me wrong. Yelp does and attempts to do a whole lot more than that, but basically, it’s the site many of us use to find ideas for and reviews of restaurants.

YouTube has one primary purpose as well, but it is a much broader one! It is basically to entertain (and even, like Yelp, to inform).

The main difference as it pertains to the human resources in a company is this. Yelp is comprised of opinions (reviews) based on singular experiences. YouTube is comprised of myriad videos (millions of uploads per second!) over periods of time and from different angles about the same and related subjects. In other words, one’s perspective about a thing is basically static. The other’s is more dynamic.

Few establishments can be fairly represented by a snapshot of a point-in-time. Many establishments are improving, but they get reviewed based on a patron’s static point-in-time opinion.

People are the same way, constantly changing, hopefully improving.

When we Yelp employees, we are categorizing/compartmentalizing them, basing our views of them on point-in-time opinions.

When we YouTube them, we are watching them move, grow, develop, change, evolve.

We send employees to training, so we should expect them to develop as a result.

We coach, counsel and discipline, so we should expect some change.


Let people grow. Let them evolve. Allow them to become newer, fresher, better employees, and don’t just take your opinions of people from some other person’s “review” of them.

Now back to your regularly scheduled social mediating!!



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