Work, Life and Stuff That's Funny



HR can be serious business. It can also be a source of comedic material. The funny and the not-so-funny.

The reality is...

People can be really difficult. Communication is hard. Change is hard.

Work can suck.  

But people are really funny. And the situations we find ourselves in - at work, at home, in public - can be hilarious.

Ever heard that laughter is the best medicine? 

I believe it. And for good reason. There have actually been studies on the health benefits of laughter.

And besides all that, it just plain feels good. 

So what the heck does laughter have to do with HR? 

  •  If you laugh at work, it's more enjoyable.
  •  It's more fun to feel good at work than to feel miserable.
  •  What you look for, you'll find.

If you focus on the good, you'll find the good. And I truly believe that there is far more good in this world than the media and most other people would have you believe. 


Originally published on HR Shenanigans blog.



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