Why You Should Join Us in NOLA for #SHRM22

Hey, are you going to National?” That’s a question I’ve asked and answered countless times. I have attended the SHRM National Conference for decades, along with many of my colleagues. It’s such an important event that we’ve skipped family gatherings, passed on vacation opportunities, and even missed a few Father’s Day celebrations with our children.  

Now, fast forward to #SHRM2022, and the opportunity as a #SHRM22Influencer to attend virtually from the comfort of my office or living room. No airports, layovers, canceled flights, hotels, mass-produced box lunches eaten on a hallway floor, or so many other inconveniences of attending a conference in a far-away city. So why are thousands of my closest #SHRM friends and I converging on New Orleans on June 12, 2022? Because we wouldn’t miss it for anything!

Here are some of the top reasons you should join us:

  1. Networking – While it’s great to network at local SHRM chapter meetings, the networking opportunities in NOLA will be unlike anything you’ve ever imagined. #SHRM22 will bring together HR peers from around the globe whom all share a common desire to #CauseTheEffect in every area of the human resource profession. I view every conference as an opportunity to create new connections with other HR professionals and renew relationships with those I haven’t seen for almost three years.
  2. A fresh perspective – If you’re like me, your daily commute – whether you drive, take mass transit, or walk down the hall – is fairly consistent. You go the same way, pass the same landmarks (or furniture), and occasionally arrive without remembering how you got there. I often experience the same type of “mental gloss” working in the same place every day. Unless your office is in an empty airplane hanger, attending #SHRM22 at the NOLA conference center will be a huge change in scenery! Different surroundings will open your mind to fresh ideas, get your heart rate up walking between sessions, and provide a fresh perspective on how to #CauseTheEffect back home.  
  3. Learn from the best – As HR professionals, we understand the need to remain current on HR-related legal and regulatory issues, technology, best practice developments, and employee relations strategies. Yes, the presentations are the same for virtual and onsite attendees. However, with an agenda filled with renowned speakers, attending #SHRM22 in-person provides opportunities to hear from, and possibly meet these influencers face-to-face.    
  4. Learn with the best – Attending #SHRM22 will foster discussions with peers beyond the presentations. Whether between programs, at the lunch table, or later with an adult beverage, these conversations often lead to new perspectives and a deeper understanding. So, who wants to meet for cocktails and discuss the finer points of Form I-9?
  5. Permission to work on your professional self – So many of us face overwhelming demands on our time every day. Yes, I’m guilty of responding to emails, IMs, and texts between sessions. However, when I’m in the front row for a Joe Beachboard Supreme Court presentation, or any other program, I’m 100% in that moment. Especially with Joe, because he might ask me to name all 115 past and current justices in alphabetical order!

Clearly, the first order of business is to attend #SHRM22. However, if you’re still undecided on whether you should attend virtually or in person, I urge you to join us in NOLA. I hope to see you there!       

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