Why the Future is Bright For HR Leaders

In the past couple of years, we've experienced more work-life-changing events than we could have ever imagined. Things happening in business today, therefore, have a sharper focus on the human element than in the past. 

This week, we hear from Jim Link, the new CHRO at SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management. 

Jim is an Atlanta-based business consultant and former Fortune 500 executive specializing in equipping leaders with the tools needed to build best-in-class, inclusive workplaces that drive revenue and profitability.

His experience includes roles of increasing responsibility in human resources, mergers and acquisitions, and operational effectiveness. 

As a recognized thought leader in human capability and the future of work, Jim is a sought-after commentator with the national and international press, features widely on the lecture and speaker circuit, and consults with leaders, companies and boards of directors around the world on matters related to the workplace.

Additionally, he is in his tenth year as an adjunct professor teaching Human Resources Strategy in the MBA program at the Poznan School of Economics in Poznan, Poland and entering his second year teaching the same topic to graduate students in Yangon, Myanmar.

Jim explains why HR leaders today are in a better position to shape the future success of their business than ever before! 

Listen too, as Jim offers his take on effective management practices, as well as on a range of key issues facing HR professionals in the 2020s. 

Questions Include: 

  • You have led HR organizations of varying scopes and sizes. How would you describe your approach to managing HR?
  • Why take on the role of CHRO at SHRM? What are the challenges and opportunities? 
  • Things happening in business today have a sharper focus on the human element than in the past.  Why are HR leaders today in a better position to shape the future success of their business than ever before? 
  • SHRM launched an IE&D Council in 2020. You are the Inclusion, Equity & Diversity Council's executive sponsor. What is SHRM’s Inclusion, Equity & Diversity Council and its function?
  • You are moderating a session at SHRM 22 where you will be asking council members a number of questions on IE&D . The session is called The Road to Inclusion a Highway or an Intersection? – Intersectionality and Multiple Identities. Can you talk to our audience about the focus of the session?
  • Companies are making a concerted focus on DEI initiatives. Are efforts working and what more can be done?
  • Talent shortages are rampant across most industries. What are the causes for this?  
  • What can organizations do to improve recruitment efforts? Do you think talent acquisition strategies are evolving to address the issue of employees leaving orgs in droves? 

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Listen to the podcast here. 

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