Why Multilingual Human Resources Is Crucial

Globalization is a catalyst driving many things to change. From the way that business is conducted to workforce management, it is altering our world.

Business leaders are fast becoming aware of the advantages of having a global workforce. To manage that global workforce, it’s helpful to have multilingual human resources and to have the support of a proven translation company. I have seen the benefits of having multilingual human resources firsthand and I would like to share my insights.

A Diverse Workforce

Before we go through the reasons why you should hire a multilingual workforce, we have to backtrack a bit. We need to establish first that an international workforce is actually helpful for a business.

Fill Roles for Which There Are Shortages

There are some fields for which there are shortages of skilled workers. Industries in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics or STEM fields, for example, are constantly in demand of fresh new talent and they cannot fill all the roles with talents they can find locally.

Going Global

If a company is looking at expanding to another market, especially one that has a different language and cultural practices, then hiring foreign talents might be essential. Local employees would understand the intricacies and details of customs and cultures that a foreigner will easily miss. Normally, these employees will be working in foreign offices but because of the improvement in the internet technology, many of these are now working remotely.

Diversity Leads to Creativity

Diversity is always a good thing in a workplace. By hiring international workers you can enhance the diversity of your team. Diversity also has another benefit that might not be obvious to others. A study found that diversity in the workplace can lead to enhanced creativity. So, if your company deals with something creative, then having a diverse workforce might just be the thing you need. Personally, I have seen this in action. My company has hired employees from different countries and the diversity has sparked creativity in our virtual workplace.

Rich Workplace Culture

Then there is the obvious benefit of having an international workforce and that is it enriches the workplace culture. When people all come from the same background and culture, things are kind of bland and boring. Having people from different countries can make a workplace an interesting place to be part of.

Why Have Multilingual Human Resources?

Now, we come to the topic of having multilingual human resources. Why is this so crucial? If you are thinking about building an international workforce, then it’s highly recommended that you start with a multilingual HR. Here are some of the reasons why it’s crucial now in the global business setting.

Jumpstart Your International Recruitment Efforts

What do you do when you need to hire someone for a job in your company? The normal practice is to post it on your website or on your social media sites. But if you are trying to hire someone from another country then you need to translate that job post to the local language. Prospective employees would often search for job posts written in their native language before they switch over to English or any other second language. By translating job posts and running them as ads that are targeted, you increase the chances that you can find the right people for the job.

Improve International Communications

When you have a multinational workforce, you will have to deal with people from different backgrounds and cultures. I admit it’s not easy to deal with people from different places as sometimes it can cause misunderstandings.

But when you have people who speak the languages of your workforce in your HR team, conflict resolution can be easier. They can also be helpful when it comes to dealing with international clients if needed.

Improves Diversity

As I mentioned before, diversity is a good thing for a place of work as it boosts creativity. A more diverse HR team will make it more welcoming and open. Your employees will be much more at ease when dealing with them. A diverse organization can outperform others in the same industry by as much as 35%. So, start your team’s diversity with your HR team.

More Positive Employee Relations

I said earlier how a culturally diverse workforce is bound to be seen as something that’s more welcoming and open by employees. That can foster more positive employee relations. Just imagine if a remote foreign worker is having some issues at work and then she gets to talk to an HR staff member who speaks her language. That should have a soothing effect and some form of reassurance. It can also be a pleasant surprise for her. I have seen this happen before. It may be anecdotal but it works.

Where a Translation Company Can Help in HR Communications

There are many instances I can cite when a translation company helped the human resources efforts of a company. At Tomedes, we work with the HR department of many multinational companies that have international workforces as translation companies. After our services are acquired, we usually see an improvement in the recruitment and employee retention numbers of our clients. An HR department handling an international workforce will need accurate translations of their internal documents that are needed for onboarding and training. HR departments will also need help in marketing and when it comes to creating job posts if they want to hire new people in other countries. By having properly translated documents and communications, employees and candidates will be more at ease and confident. A reputable translation company will vet all of its translators. They will check their credentials and verify their skills first before they let them work on projects. In many ways, it’s better to work with a translation company than an individual freelance translator because the work is guaranteed. You don’t have uncertainties about the quality of the output you are getting. Also, with a translation company, you have the exact time when to expect the output.

A Multilingual HR is the Key to an international Workforce

If you are thinking about building an international workforce, and you really should or you risk being left behind by your competitors, then you need to start with multilingual human resources. Together with help from a good translation company, it’s a great way to unlock your company’s potential.

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