Why I'm Pursuing a Career in HR #HRProfessionalsDay

HR Professionals Day is September 26, 2020; it recognizes and celebrates HR professionals around the world for their contributions to organizational success. 

Many will be sharing stories about their careers in HR and what they enjoy most.

We also wanted to hear from SHRM's student members, so we asked, "Why are you pursuing a career in HR?" 

Check out their inspiring answers below.

Amanda Nelson - University of Texas at San Antonio (Student Chapter President)

I am pursing a career in HR because growing up in a military family, I had to learn how to adapt to new surroundings and meet new people. I feel like that experience will help me in my future career. I knew I wanted a job that I could be around people and make a difference. In HR, there are so many different avenues you can take; whether that be from recruiting and onboarding, compensation or benefits, or project management. I am eager to learn as much as I can and I’m excited to start my career in HR. 

Kiana Gwekoh – University of Guam

With my passion for planning and developing as well as my interest in promoting cultural change and discovering new business practices in the workplace, I am pursuing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management at the University of Guam. I look forward to working in the Human Resource industry on the island of Guam.

Cami Wendricks – St. Norbert College

HR is an all-encompassing endeavor, the possibilities for impact are limitless. Despite the various functions, HRs uniting factor is its ability to provide a framework for acknowledging the whole person, not only on a professional level, but a personal one as well. Employees become the best version of themselves when they believe they engage in a culture that promotes learning, growth, collaboration, and understanding.

Romina Muhametaj – Florida State College at Jacksonville (Chapter President)

Exploring and studying HR not only has allowed me to grow my professional path but also has opened my eyes to how to create stronger and more meaningful relationships in my personal life. The human Resource world touches every aspect of the business and aids you to expand your analytical mindset to the smallest detail. One of my biggest accomplishments so far has been the growth of my emotional intelligence which has opened new doors and escalated my line of work.

Jennifer Davidson – Western Governors University (Chapter President)

I'm pursuing a career in Human Resources because I recognized early on that I like people. Listening to their story, encouraging their goals and celebrating success along the way is inspiring. Human Resources provides endless opportunities to help "Make "IT" Happen" a different way every day.


Crystal LaBeau – Western Governors University (Chapter Secretary)

Businesses can't do what they do without the people who dedicate their lives to making an organization thrive, and human resources is there to help make sure those people are treated well and compensated fairly. I wanted to start a career in HR to help make sure that not only are employees giving their time and energy to an organization, but that their employers are giving back as well. As somebody who has always thought of themselves as a "helper", I'm excited to be able to start my career and help individuals grow professionally through not only training and resources, but ethics and compassion.

Mario Romero – Western Governors University

The nurturing nature involved in HR, from selection to orientation on to training, mentoring and empathizing along with my clients, the employees, or better said, the current of the company is what drives me to pursue the completion of my degree. In everyday, average conversations I will find myself emulating the lessons and skills I've learned and execute each day, never fully realizing that my work goes beyond my job. Who else gets to say that about their career path?

Jose Barraza – Western Governors University (Chapter Vice President)

Although my arrival to the Human Resources Profession was accidental, now, more than ever — I could not imagine choosing any other. I have found the work in Human Resources to be both profoundly challenging and rewarding. This is especially true today that we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic. Against this backdrop, the profession has revealed to be a guiding tenet towards transformation and survival with its leadership and creativity striving to continue going forward, positively. As eventful, stressful, challenging, or unknown any given day might be, the Profession is a platform for true workplace transformation. We don’t have the answer to everything all the time, but we are a group of humans genuinely invested in the wellbeing of employees and am confident that together, we will continue to find solutions to address our new normal and other challenges.  For these and many other reasons, I choose the HR profession every day --I am proud to belong to this category of amazing professionals!

Nichole Wood – Western Governors University (Chapter Treasurer)

I always come back to this quote from John C. Maxwell – ‘Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another’. I continue to work and grow in HR because I believe it has the greatest ability to influence leaders, and through them, the lives of every employee.


Chi Nguyen – Boise State University

I believe that people are the most important asset of the company. I want to work in the Human Resources area because I want to take care of employees' well-being. As an HR professional, I will have the opportunity to develop a healthy workplace culture where employees can express their opinions and perform at their best - which not only benefits their professional development but also increase the bottom line of the company. Additionally, I want to provide the resources for employees to succeed and grow in their role through training and development.

Nicole Harris – Athens State University (Chapter President)

I chose HRM because I want to make a difference in my employee's lives. It is very satisfying to see the professional growth of my employees throughout their time at the company.  I enjoy working hand in hand with the executive team to learn their organizational priorities. As HR, I can influence the future of the company based on the employment decisions we make.


Andrea Ewart, SHRM-CP – Athens State University (Chapter Vice President)

Over the years I have learned my two passions in the workplace, people and doing what’s right. By pursuing a Human Resource degree, I am able to work passionately every day!



Glenda Parrish – Florida State College at Jacksonville

I joined the Florida State College of Jacksonville (FSCJ)-SHRM organization to participate in their quality educational events that really focus on Human Resources topics that are current and relevant. I work in the Human Resources field and seek to expand my knowledge and expertise in this exciting career.  Pursuing a degree with an HR concentration, participating in the FSCJ-SHRM, and engaging in community HR activities provides a great opportunity for me.

Emily Calewarts – St. Norbert College

Out of the numerous avenues business entails, I chose to pursue a career in HR for a variety of reasons. My goal in the workplace is to create a positive and healthy environment for every employee. I want to influence employees to do their best, feel comfortable with their job, and get excited to come to work. I enjoy the complexity of solving problems and building off of those complications to promote growth and improvement. Pursuing a career in HR will give me the opportunity to make my goals and desires come to life in hopes of inspiring those around me.

Za Wong – Indiana Tech University

The reason why I want to pursue a career within the HR Profession is because I want to be a leader and I want to use it to help and influence people. I want to build relationships with people and give. To top it off, you are the reason why I also want to pursue a career within the HR Profession.

Amanda Shonka – Indiana Tech University

I am pursuing a career in HR because I love working behind the scenes of a company. I have a passion for working with others and feel a great sense of accomplishment knowing I am bringing in well rounded employees for my company. Although this  can be a challenging career choice, I feel the rewards and accomplishments outweigh the challenges.  

Elizabeth Eaton – Indiana Tech University

I want to go into HR ultimately to work with people. Being in HR will allow me to be there for people across the company.  I want to be able to help people succeed at their careers as well as be a person for employees to lean on when having issues or hardships within the workplace.

Amiah Burner – Indiana Tech University

The reason I’m pursuing my career within the HR Profession is because I know I’ll be able to impact lives in a positive light in this field. I believe I’ll be able help others develop into spectacular employees where ever I may work in the future. As well I’ll be showing the best version of myself and constantly make strong connections wherever I go. 

Annette W. Barrineau, SHRM-SCP – Dean of the School of Business at Florida State College at Jacksonville and Christina Goodell, SHRM-SCP – Professor of Business at Florida State College at Jacksonville


Pursuing a career within the HR profession?  Looking forward to the opportunity of a promising and successful HR career ahead?  A career in Human Resources is truly a win-win situation for you.  You will gain a strong perspective in the business world plus have a direct, positive impact on employers, employees, and the community.   Go for it; it is a wise decision that you'll be glad you made!

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