Why Are We So Bad At Detecting Liars?

Why Are We So Bad At Detecting Liars?

Employee investigations are an inevitable part of working at a small business or startup. When it comes to determining if someone's telling the truth, are we going about it the right way? Leading up to his #SHRM16 Mega Session entitled "Why Are We So Bad at Detecting Liars?" Clear Law Institute CEO Michael Johnson discusses the components of a successful investigation while breaking down the stereotypes and myths that we see on TV and film. If you're ever involved in workplace investigations (or you want to know if someone in your life is telling the truth), you don't want to miss this Business, Life, & Coffee Podcast episode!



About Michael Johnson: 

Michael W. Johnson is the founder and CEO of Clear Law Institute, which provides online courses on legal, HR, accounting, compliance, and management topics to tens of thousands of professionals from hundreds of organizations.

A graduate of Duke University and Harvard Law School, Mr. Johnson began his career as a trial attorney in the United States Department of Justice, where he was the lead attorney on one of DOJ’s first “pattern or practice” sexual harassment cases.

About Clear Law Institute:

Clear Law Institute provides (1.) online continuing education courses for thousands of professionals on legal, HR, compliance, accounting, and management topics; (2.) online courses and learning games on workplace harassment prevention and ethics and compliance topics for tens of thousands of employees at dozens of employers; and (3.) investigations training for dozens of organizations such as Google, EEOC, and the World Bank.


Originally posted on the Business, Life, & Coffee Podcast.




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