Who's Next? Promoting the HR Profession to Millenials

Each day HR professionals in companies of all sizes are addressing issues related to planning for the eventual departure of baby boomers from the workplace.  There is much talk of succesion planning as it relates to filling key positions and roles within these companies.  

In the midst of these conversations, another question needs to be raised: "Who will succeed our current generation of HR professionals?" 

Join us for #NextChat on April 18 at 6 p.m. ET, and we'll tackle questions such as Who's Next? -- Who will be the next generation of HR pros and where will they come from?   How can we promote the HR profession to millenials?  What can we do to make HR a "destination occupation" among this important group?

I will be joined by Joey V. Price, CEO of Jumpstart HR, who will also share his thoughts on the following questions:

 Q1. What can HR pros do to encourage millenials to enter the HR profession?
 Q2. What advice would you give to millenials who are new to the HR profession?
 Q3. What distinguishing strengths does the millennial generation bring to the HR profession?
 Q4. How will millenials change the HR profession for the better over the next 10 years?
  Q5. How has working with a millennial coworker influenced or changed the way you work?  What new ideas, skills or practices have you learned or adopted?

We look forward to your contributions to this conversation via #NEXTCHAT.  

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