Which Law Applies?


People are funny.

Here’s an example of a common question and the funny corresponding uncommon exchange.

Client: “Rue, if there is a state law and a federal law, how do I know which one applies to us?”

Me: “Both apply.”

Client: “Well which one do I comply with?”

Me: “You must comply with both.”

Client: “How can I comply with two laws at the same time?”

Me: {pause…stare…eye roll…pause again}

Client: “Rue?”

Me:  “If your boss tells you to be at work no later than 9, and your boss’s boss tells you to be at work by 8, you don’t ask which law applies, you just show up by 8, thereby satisfying both. Right?”

Client: “We’re not talking about my bosses right now. Which law?”

Me: “The most demanding one.”

Client: “Which one is that’?”

Me: “Are you serious?”

Client: “Are you?”

Me: {silence…}

Client: {…silence}



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