"When I Grow Up..."


"When I Grow Up..." is a statement that children of every generation have recited to parents and teachers as a declaration of their future ambitions. Whether rooted in reality or fantasy, these ideas are a rite of passage.

But there is a long, deep-rooted gap that exists between rhetoric and reality. The reality is, those dreams of accomplishment are far too often limited from birth based on bias, stigma and false perceptions. Stop for a moment and think: what are workers genuinely experiencing in your workplace?

A thriving economy and innovations for a brighter tomorrow hinge on your workforce’s ability to maximize their potential. It’s time to rethink the workplace, recognize the urgency, and challenge yourself and your leaders to meet people where they are and for who they are.

A new kind of era of work is possible. Together, we’ll break down barriers for good, unlock the labor market for all, and create a powerful advantage for your organization.

At SHRM, we’re committed to correcting this problem by providing the HR and management tools you need to develop more equitable and inclusive workplaces—for today’s workers and those that follow in their footsteps. Let us show you the way.



Join us on the journey to create better workplaces at https://babysteps.shrm.org/.


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