When Gig Workers Want Benefits, Should You Offer Them?



Last December, when Google's temporary, vendor and contract workers demanded benefits and better communication, the media took notice. Since then, and given the rise in the gig economy and a tight labor market, employers are asking if they should offer more benefits to make their gig workers feel engaged and valued.

Not All Gig Workers Are Created Equal

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' Contingent Worker Supplement indicates that just over 10 percent of U.S. workers take advantage of alternative work in some way, including temporary, on-call, contracted and freelance work.

Regarding their access to employee benefits, gig workers fall into one of three groups:

  • Those who receive full benefits through a staffing firm or professional employer organization.
  • Independent contractors and freelancers who don't get traditional benefits from an employer.

Gig workers are becoming disgruntled, as Google recently learned, and often their top concern is not having access to the benefits that full-time employees enjoy.

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