What's Your New Year’s Resolution?


Try this to become a better employee and a better person.

Here are some plans for four popular resolutions. You will find that they overlap; so if you're daring, resolve to do all four.

  1. To improve overall health, start with being more active.

    Take the stairs instead of the elevator… ALWAYS!

    Park far from the entrance… ALWAYS!

    Stop smoking…cigarettes…with tobacco in them. If you smoke a pack (20) a day, start with smoking one less cig per day each week. So, Week 1 you will smoke a pack a day. Week 2 you will smoke 19 cigs per day. Week three you will smoke 18 cigs a day, and so on. By June, you will have weened yourself off cigs altogether!

    Eat smaller portions – much smaller – but more frequently. Small, healthy stuff… ALWAYS!

    Drink more water ALWAYS! Every time you drink anything, drink water, too.

    Train for a race—like a 5K, 10K, half marathon, full marathon, mud run, triathlon, whatever you are up for. (Start a fitness challenge that lasts 350 days. (You should allow yourself a few days off.))

    Improve your mental acuity.

  2. To improve mental acuity, use your brain in different ways.

    Watch less TV. It fries your brain. No. It sautés your brain. You don’t feel it getting fried, but it’s happening.

    Read more BOOKS, not just memes, tweets and statuses.

    Play word games, letter and number puzzles and logic stuff. They’ve been shown to reduce – even reverse – the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

    Take a foreign language. (Try your local community college.)

    Meet new people.

  3. To meet new people, just meet new people.

    Play word-game apps that introduce you to competitors electronically.

    Volunteer more.  A literacy class perhaps? Feed the homeless? You will meet people there.

    Go to a live comedy show!

    Go back to school. School is where most of us met most of our friends.

    Be polite. In this present society’s environment, politeness may first be met with confusion and distrust, but will likely eventually lead to pleasant conversation. Try it. If it doesn’t work, so what?

    Make more money. (People are attracted to people who make plenty of money.)

  4. To make more money, you gotta hustle, baby.

    Get a second job. Even if you work at Wendy’s, it is $7.25 an hour more than you make now, and will be an hour less TV, and you will meet new people, and you will be using your brain in a different way. Just be sure to make healthy food choices when break time comes!

    More credentials = more money…most times.



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