What Should A Recent Grad Do If He/She Hates the Job Immediately?

Sadly, a 2013 college graduate writes:

"So I am coming to you for some advice. I started a job on the Monday after graduation. And I can honestly say it is the most boring thing I have done in my life. I almost dread going to work in the morning and it is only day 4 tomorrow. 8 hour days seem to last forever and I just know it is not going to get better. However, I dont just want to give up right away because I know it may reflect bad on me on when I search for jobs in the future. What do you think I should do? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you so much."

It is disappointing and annoying to see a former student full of vim and vigor, ready to take on the world, get stifled so quickly. So what could this graduate do to improve the situation?

Keep quiet - At the very least, don't go posting on Twitter or Facebook about the situation. You don't want to see bridges burning already.

Bide one's time - Give the job 30 or 60 days before giving up. While you do not think it will get any better, perhaps it'll take some time before the job grows on you. New challenges could arise in the next few weeks that could turn the situation around to a more positive one.

Find other opportunities at work - Is there something else you could be doing at work that might make you happier? Are there other things not being done at the workplace where you could thrive. Show initiative and see if there is a new challenge you could be taking on.

Find a mentor - He/she could find someone to guide him/her through the organizational mindfields. Find a person who might be able to providing coaching and advice about the job.

Find a friend - If you are frustrated, are their others feeling the same way? Misery loves company. At the very least, you have someone to share the experience with you that may make the time seem less like drudgery. Make the best of a bad situation.

Reevaluate - Try to think about what went wrong before you took the job. Did the organization make promises that they are no longer living up to? Were you given a realistic job preview? Is there a mismatch between what you were told and what is occurring on the job? Were there questions you wish you asked prior to taking the job? Use this situation to prepare yourself for the next opportunity, so that you are not caught off guard the next time around.

Chime in. What other advice do you have for this recent graduate?

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