What’s your Superpower?


Recently, my HR Manager team did an exercise I found very empowering.  We called it “What’s your Superpower?” In essence, we wanted to understand what each team member was great at.  We wanted to define our “Superpower.” We framed the discussion in terms of an area that you have deep knowledge in (employee relations, management development, leadership coaching, etc.), great utilization of a specific skill, or a keen ability to do something. Discovery of this Superpower could be based on your own self-assessment, feedback from others, and/or something you’ve had frequent success with. 

We then shared these out amongst our peers and manager.  Going into it, I think many of us were worried that what we thought our Superpower was, our peers would question or doubt why we picked that.  However, this exercise enabled all of us to have a lot of self-reflection. And in sharing, it was confirmed amongst the group what we were great at! It was interesting to hear that many of us, being HR Managers aligned to a business, conveyed our Superpower in relation to Client Management or Building Strong Client Relationships. 

Whether it is in a team forum, or in your own self-reflection, I think the exercise has great benefits.  Being self-aware about your Superpower, helps you to understand how you are leveraging this Power in your day-to-day.  It also can allow you to be clear with your business clients on how they can best leverage you.  Furthermore, it makes it easy to articulate your Superpower or strengths during job interviews.

I’d challenge each of us to think about and identify what our Superpower is.  How can you continue to develop this Superpower and leverage it in the best way possible?  You can also reflect on what your “Kryptonite” is.  Knowing this Kryptonite or weakness can facilitate how you balance your Superpower with your Kryptonite.  Or who you need to go to who has a Superpower which offsets your Kryptonite.

OK, hopefully I didn’t nerd you out with all this talk about Superpowers and references to super hero lingo. If I did, oh well, to infinity and beyond…

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