What NOT to Say in an Interview - Top 12 Things

Here are tips on how to prepare for an interview. An important aspect of how to prep for interview questions is knowing the 12 things to never say in an interview. Among these interview prep questions, I will tell you exactly what not to say in an interview and why these are the things to never say in a job interview. Most people don’t get this interview help, so you’ll stand out!



Originally posted on the Self Made Millennial YouTube channel


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I appreciate your advice on what not to say during an interview. However, one of your tips was to focus accomplishments on the last 3-5 years.
What should I say if I do have many accomplishments, but have been injured the last 3-5 years, tried to work through my injury, but have been fired from a few jobs due to lack of production?
I’ve now had the proper surgery to correct the injury, however, I lack recent accomplishments.
Thank you

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