How Would You Manage Jennifer Hudson?

I am still pumped up after watching @IAMJHUD’s performance last night. She is absolutely an amazing artist. Her music touches your soul and will bring you to tears. Her connection and interaction with the crowd was so natural and appeared effortless.

Everyone that knows me understands that I have a heart for Talent Management. If @IAMJHUD would have asked me to join her team after the concert, I would have hopped in her limo and never turned back. Not even for my luggage! I would pour everything I had into her development and success because in return, I know that she would do her part for the business. @IAMJHUD is not just any talent; she is
what I would consider a hi-potential artist. All Jennifer wants to do is sing and all I would want her to do is just that. She sings, she makes music, music makes her fans (customers) happy and that drives the brand which brings profit to the business. Win-Win!

Well, it’s never that simple. There is a WORK life balance that must be maintained, crazy fans, demands, bad contracts and the overall stress of the job. How will we manage Jennifer Hudson?

Yesterday, I attended the session titled “MGM Resorts: What is it worth to you to keep your top performers?” by speaker Michelle DiTondo, SVP HR, MGM Resorts International. I found the presentation very intriguing. MGM used the customer loyalty model to communicate to their leadership the importance of recognizing, rewarding and differentiating their hi-potential employees. Michelle challenged the approach that HR tends to take in our attempt to being fair and consistent. MGM data shows that their top guest (Noir) who may only be about .3-1% of the overall customer base spends 600x more than majority of their other customers. 600x more!

If you knew that your next hire would bring 600x more profitability to the company in the next year or even in the future, would their on-boarding, development plan and reward be the same as every other
employee? Would they have to follow the same two to five year training plan? What type of access and exclusive privileges would you provide them?

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