What if You Started by Redesigning the Onboarding Process?

While onboarding can be the most efficient tool to foster a great connection through shared stories and experiences, poor onboarding - quite common during the pandemic - has caused people to leave quickly.

Turnover can be at its peak during the first months in a company and especially in the first 90 days. Almost 40% of turnover occurs during an employee's first year.

In my experience as an HR leader, I had to revamp onboarding processes in large companies. And I can tell you that your attention to your new hires needs to go beyond your retention rate. This timeframe offers a unique opportunity for team building.

Welcoming new hires as a collective commitment is a virtuous circle for productivity. When all the teams get a chance to showcase their work to then new hires, it guarantees future cooperation.

And usually, Team leaders love sharing their work and stories to sell the impact of their service, department, direction, or project.

Intentional and well-organized onboarding sessions can create new synergies and foster team transparency. In addition, it establishes trust from the start when highlighting the expertise and strengths of people and teams. And it helps tremendously for mentoring and internal networking.

I had seen up to a 25% increase in retention in the first year at the company with three days of onboarding sessions designed as internal communication and team-building tools.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a strong company culture, and training employees is the sole responsibility of managers or mentors, it can prove to be highly effective in teaching someone to perform the job but inefficient at building a strong corporate culture. Likewise, building relationships or trust shouldn’t be an isolated phenomenon.

Indeed, we hear a lot about a culture of trust that is the best core value for the Hybrid environment, and it all starts with a great onboarding process.

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